5 DIY Hacks for Upgrading Your Brand Aesthetic

When you run a business, your brand aesthetic is crucial. This is even more true today, as social media becomes increasingly important and so much relies on the internet — however, you might be a little unsure when it comes to getting better branding and improving your brand aesthetic.

That’s what we’re here for — keep reading to check out our top five DIY hacks for upgrading your brand aesthetic, and make your brand the best around!

1. Build Personas

Go back to basics and consider your target audience. 

Has it changed over time, or with social media becoming so ubiquitous? Build at least one marketing persona and work out just who your target customer is. It might sound a little obvious, but before you can work on your brand aesthetic you need to know who you’re aiming to target!

2. Settle on a Style

What sort of style do you want for your aesthetic? It’ll depend on the products or services you offer, your target audience, and maybe personal taste too.

You could go for a timeless, classic style for something with longstanding appeal, or a more retro style for a hip, vintage approach. Some smaller, more local businesses will decide on a hand-drawn logo, while many organizations and companies are choosing modern, minimalist designs instead.

3. Choose a Color Palette

Don’t underestimate color, as each color signifies different things, and the right color can cause a logo or design to stick long in the memory.

There are plenty of tools online that allow you to create a color palette, but you might decide on a ‘core’ color first — red is good for a bold, exciting approach, while green evokes thoughts of nature and health, for example.

4. Take Inspiration

There’s no harm in seeing what some of your favorite brands — and competitors — are doing when trying to improve branding. If you can pick and choose things you like without copying outright, you can upgrade your brand aesthetic.

Look around platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and physical magazines can be a great help too — find things you like and things you don’t, and adjust your brand aesthetic accordingly. 

5. Create a Style Guide

If you don’t have one already, you should create a brand style guide for your business — you can find plenty of templates online. 

Include everything in your style guide. From your logo to colors and fonts, and even writing style, make sure it’s all in! Include guidance for social media too, as well as access to any resources that might be needed — be comprehensive and the style guide will be a great reference when it comes to maintaining a clear brand aesthetic everywhere from your Instagram page to zine printing if you go down the physical road.

Upgrading Your Brand Aesthetic

It’s not as difficult as you may think to upgrade your brand aesthetic — follow our tips and think about what you want your branding to say. Consider what other companies are doing, and ask yourself how you can do one better!

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