5 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Couches

A couch is the most important thing that is in your living room. You place the rest of the elements of your living room around the main element, which is the couch. The design of the couch that you choose also depicts your sense of aesthetics. If you are living with a family and you have pets and kids they spend most of the time on the couch playing video games and of course we can never forget about the pets who also spend a lot of time on the couch playing and sleeping. Having a couch is almost like having your comfortable paradise. But, like other furniture items in our house, couches also need to be taken very well care of to make them last longer. Couches are something that we invest a lot of money in and hence, buying a new one can be very hectic and also very expensive. We have a team of experienced upholstery cleaners who can provide Couch Cleaning Brisbane services.

Therefore, it is very important to take good care of it. But there are a few mistakes that we make while cleaning our couches and these mistakes are slowly reducing the quality of our couches. Today, we are going to discuss 5 cleaning mistakes that are ruining your couches.

Not Rotating The Furniture Regularly

The most common cleaning mistake that we make that damages our couches badly is, not rotating or changing the position of the couch regularly. Yes, indeed, the drapes and curtains at your house will somewhat prevent the sunlight from damaging your couch but they will not be able to do much if you do not change the position of the couch often. If it continues to stay in the same position day after day then the colour of one end of it will look lighter than the other end. 

This will not only cause damage to the couch, but it will also cause damage to the floor beneath. Hence, it is important to rotate or change the position of your couch regularly or it will result in your couch looking all faded and weary. For the same reason, you must often flip your cushions as well. Doing this is important because it is common for textiles and leather to fade away really easily. Apart from that, you and your family members sit on it regularly, and hence, your couch goes through a lot of wear and tear every day than the rest of your items of furniture at home. You can check our blog Why Do You Need Professionals For Chaise Couch Cleaning.

Over Cleaning Your Couch at Home

This is one of the most important of the 5 cleaning mistakes that are ruining your couch.This mainly happens if you are dealing with a lot of natural items of furniture at home and for couches, it is leather. We know how luxurious and comfortable genuine leather can be and it has to be taken good care of and must be cleaned properly to increase its lifespan and make it last longer. But it is important to know that sometimes over-cleaning your couch can cause more damage to it. In the case of leather, with time it can develop a glossy and natural protective layer around it, and cleaning it, again and again, will do nothing but disrupt this process. This can happen with other natural items of furniture as well. For example, you have an item of furniture at home that is made up of wood. Just like leather, a natural protective layer grows around it, and cleaning it harshly can not only disrupt its process but will also reduce and damage the polishing.

Forgetting to Vaccum the Couch

This happens to almost everyone who owns a couch. People often forget to vacuum their couches. This mainly happens because we rarely notice the dirt and dust that are there within the fibres of the couch. This can cause the colour of the couch to slowly fade away and also it results in causing odours that are not at all pleasant. Vacuuming your coach will help you to keep it clean and also will make it last longer. You can start vacuuming by removing the cushions and cleaning the frame of the couch first because that is the place that collects most of the dust and dirt particles. After that, start vacuuming the cushions and the surface of the couch, and cleaning an upholstery attachment.  

Rubbing the Stains in a Harsh Way

Another one of the most common problems that each couch owner has faced is the problem of stains. It is not surprising for people to accidentally spill their drink on the couches while binging their favourite TV show or while spending some family time. Now the problem with stains is that if you do not clean them quickly, it sits on the fibres of the couch and begins to dry. Then it becomes extremely difficult to remove the stains. While removing stains, the mistake that most people make is, rubbing the stained area very harshly. Doing this will only result in the stain spreading more and then affecting a larger area. Instead of rubbing the stains harshly, you can just gently dab or blot them.This was another one of the 5 cleaning mistakes that are ruining your couches. 

Using A Lot of Water

Moisture is mostly the biggest enemy of your upholstered couch at home. Using an excessive amount of water or any other liquid product can result in leaving water stains. Hence if you are using any liquid cleaner then use it very carefully or it may damage your couch. If required, you always have the option of your couch steam cleaning


The fibers of the couches are pretty delicate and will get pretty damaged if they are not cleaned properly. While cleaning our couches sometimes we make a few mistakes that we overlook but it causes a lot of damage to our beloved pieces of furniture. Discussed above are 5 cleaning mistakes that are ruining your couches. Going through it will make you realise the mistakes that you are making and it will also prevent your couch from being damaged any further.

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