5 Books to Read That Discuss Climate Crisis & The Future of Earth

From extreme weather events to transitioning to a low-carbon ecology, read these gripping narratives that pose questions and start conversations.

Interested to know about ongoing planet conditions, ecological crisis, and must-have steps to transition to a carbon-neutral ecology? These narratives pose questions, start conversations and spotlight how little time we’ve to save the planet.

Below is Recz’s book recommendation on climate crisis and the need for immediate action, you’d consider reading for deeper insight and identification of the root cause.

The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells

This book paints a stark picture of the potential consequences of climate change, including extreme weather events, rising sea levels, food and water shortages, and the spread of diseases. The author argues that the worst-case scenarios are not only possible but likely, and calls for urgent action to prevent the worst outcomes.

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

In this book, Naomi Klein argues the root cause of climate change is the capitalist economic system, which prioritizes short-term profits over the long-term health of the planet. She makes the case that we need a radical transformation of our economic system in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. The book is both a scathing critique of capitalism and a call to action for a just transition to a sustainable future.

Drawdown by Paul Hawken

The book offers a comprehensive plan for eradicating greenhouse gas emissions & mitigating the effects of climate change. The book outlines 100 specific solutions, ranked by their potential impact, that are already being implemented around the world. Solutions include renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, green buildings, and carbon capture technologies.

The Future We Choose by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac

Written by two of the architects of the Paris Climate Agreement, this book presents two possible scenarios for the future of the planet. In the first scenario, we continue on our current path of inaction, leading to catastrophic climate change. In the second scenario, we take immediate and decisive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy. The book emphasizes the role of individual action and collective political will in achieving the second scenario.

The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell

This book explores the impact of sea level rise on coastal cities and communities around the world. The author describes the science of sea level rise, including the role of melting glaciers and thermal expansion of the oceans and the potential consequences for low-lying areas. He also discusses the political and economic challenges of adapting to sea level rise, from building sea walls to relocating entire cities.

The book recommendations are a wake-up call for the urgent need to acknowledge the impacts of climate change on coastal areas.

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