4 Ways to Build an Online Business without a Website

Building a website is not always mandatory. Especially if you have come up with a business idea and want to explore a little bit more. Not every business start ends well and that is why you will find many information on why some businesses fail while others succeed. Maybe you will need to understand where your niche is or who your target audience really is or if it is in fact worth a try. Whatever it maybe, building a website calls for capital investing and time. Yes there are options available for creating a website free of cost, but if you seriously want to build a website, then it calls for serious capital investment and time. But do you know this? You can start a business even if you do not have a website. How? Keep reading to learn.

How to Start Your Business Online Without a Website

1. Start Selling On Social Media

According to a PwC report, over 45% of people prefer to go for brands after seeing them on social media channels. Some social media platforms also encourage this do you know? Instagram for instance introduced “shoppable posts” from where shoppers can buy products directly from the app. But leave the “shoppable posts” alone. You can even create a business profile in Instagram to promote your business. The wonderful thing about Instagram is that it you to make extensive use of pictures. The writing part is kept short. In a way, you can sell or promote your business indirectly with pictures. After all pictures are a powerful means of communication.

Even Facebook allows users to create business pages that you can customize and use to promote your business. The advantage is that if you begin with social media platforms, you get the double opportunity to promote as well as influence your target audience. In fact, social medias are faster compared to websites when it comes to promoting your business.

2.Try Offer Service

Offer Service has a unique online business platform that bridges registered users with those who are interested in their services. This can be anywhere – within the local community, country, state or even the global online forum. All you have to do is set up an account for your business, fill in the required details and get yourself registered. You can even promote your business. Offer Service offers multiple business categories that you can choose from and you can do it from their website or from their app.

3. How About NFC and QR Codes

NFC tags and QR codes are very cost-effect and do not require additional app to be downloaded. With NFC tags and QR codes, SMBs can do all sorts of creative things to promote their business. For instance – design treasure hunts, create interactive experiences, offer product information, improve post-purchase experience, redirect customers to social media pages, employ loyalty programs.

4. Sell on e-commerce websites

This is not ideal for all business type. Especially if you have services like art services or repair services to offer. Having given you the precautionary warning, Amazon now holds about 47% percent accounts in the US, and most of the orders are received from there everyday. So you know how big the circle this.

These are some of the few unique ways you can promote your business. Make use of these ideas to promote your business or your idea. You can atleast get a good understanding as to how your business is performing. Based on this, you can tweak your business strategy accordingly or maybe come up with better ideas. When you finally find a strong foothold, then you can proceed with the branding part – starting with the website creation first.