4 Useful Gadgets for an IT Professional

Technical equipment is an important component of the work of a specialist in any area of IT. It is important both for those looking for QA automation engineer remote jobs and for professionals who decide to work in the office. In each of the cases, gadgets help to improve productivity, simplify the performance of certain works, and also provide additional useful functions. In this article, we will tell you how the devices are the most popular among IT specialists.

Portable Monitors for Laptops

This is one of the useful gadgets that significantly simplifies the work of many professionals. It may be needed by a freelance automation engineer, a developer of software solutions, a quality tester, as well as a system administrator. The main advantage of this gadget is the ability to perform many tasks at the same time, as well as the ability to look at all the components of certain solutions at once. Importantly, it is easy to use and does not require special skills to connect.

A Special Station With USB Connectors

During work, professionals often use several devices that are connected via a cable to a USB port. This is not only a mouse, but also headphones, hard drives, printers, and other devices. Under such conditions, certain difficulties sometimes arise, since the PC does not always have the required number of outputs. In this case, it is worth considering the possibility of purchasing a special docking station. It allows you to connect more than 2-3 pieces of equipment at the same time.

Panel With Wireless Charging Function

The advantages of this gadget have already been appreciated by many IT specialists. It is a smooth surface that resembles a regular mouse pad but has a much larger area. The panel has built-in devices that provide wireless charging for various gadgets.

It is suitable not only for smartphones but also for headphones, tablets, and other types of equipment. An additional advantage of the panel is its material. It is smooth and comfortable, which allows you to use it as a full-fledged mat when working with a laptop.


This is another useful gadget that IT professionals cannot do without. It is used to store documents, large volumes of data, software solutions, multimedia, and other types of files. An important feature is that their volumes are so large that even on a powerful PC there is not enough space. In this case, drives will be a real salvation.


To ensure full and comfortable work, specialists in the IT field use not only a basic set consisting of a computer and a mouse. To perform certain tasks, they also need additional gadgets that facilitate the performance of certain tasks and optimize the process.

The list includes storage devices of various types, additional portable monitors for laptops, panels with a wireless charging function, as well as special stations with USB connectors. The list is not exhaustive. Each specialist can add additional devices that are needed for specific purposes.