4 Ultimate Ways to a Healthy Heart

Our lives have increasingly become hectic and we continuously strive to achieve that extra ladder of success. However, caught in this race, we often neglect our heart health which gets impacted by a number of things every day. Either it’s our poor diet, or the increased level of stress that we take. Each year, about 3 million people die of heart attacks in India. Our heart is compromised a little everyday, and those who recognise the problem are able to mitigate the risks early and lead a happy life.

This article will provide four ultimate ways you can pave a path to a healthy heart, and say goodbye to several heart diseases.

What are the four ways to a healthy heart?

The following are the ways you can incorporate into your daily routine and live a healthy heart life.

  1. Maintain Dental Hygiene

Your dental hygiene matters for your comprehensive health, including your heart. Poor care of your mouth can lead to various gum infections and diseases that also affect your heart health. The bacteria from your mouth may find their way into the bloodstream and cause inflammation in your blood vessels, leaving you prone to heart strokes or attacks. To avoid any probability of gum diseases, you must properly floss and brush your teeth twice daily to keep the harmful germs at bay.

  1. Say No to Passive Smoking

Passive Smoking proves disastrous for those who stay in exposure for long, raising the chances for heart diseases to 25-30%. The smoke rising from the burning cigarette contains many unfiltered harmful chemicals that are even more harmful. These chemicals build plaque in the arteries, raising the chances of various heart diseases. People with high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure issues are more prone to be affected by this. That’s why you must strictly prohibit smokers from smoking around you or your children.

  1. Get Proper Sleep

Work is imminent, but sacrificing sleep over it is sacrificing health over it, the very thing you work for. Various researches and studies link less sleep hours to the increased chances of heart diseases and strokes. As many underlying issues tend to act up when you get less sleep every night for a long time. A strict sleep schedule is as necessary as a strict diet schedule for a healthy heart. Moreover, you may also develop productivity at work if you get enough sleep.

  1. Healthy diets and supplements

Healthy diet, primarily constituting healthy fat, and not trans fat, should make its way to our daily diet. However, unsaturated fats like HK Vitals Omega 3 can help with heart health by reducing inflammation. HK Vitals Omega 3 has fatty acids that help decrease the level of triglycerides and fortify heart health.


You must keep your heart health a priority for your and your family’s healthy future. You can choose HK Vitals Omega 3 Capsules by HealthKart to reinforce your heart health. Bringing Healthkart Omega 3 in your daily routine can effectively help your other health benefits as well.

Ellen Hollington

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