4 Simple & Effective LinkedIn Marketing Tricks

If you aren’t harnessing the power of LinkedIn, you could be missing out on millions of dollars of sales revenue and landing that next big superstar hire! Let’s look at 4 ways how you can start growing your brand through LinkedIn.

1.Collab With Influencers

Did you know that, on average, you can earn $5.78 for every $1 you invest in influencer marketing! Influencers have an incredibly powerful ability to convert their loyal and fanatic followers into paying customers. A single testimonial from a strategically selected influencer can be an absolute game-changer for your company.

While you are probably aware of influencer deals on Instagram, LinkedIn remains a fertile field where you can tap into new audiences who aren’t over-saturated with ads. Many Instagram users are now numb to influencer promotional content, but the same can’t be said for LinkedIn users. A great way to collaborate with influencers is to get them to write a guest blog on your LinkedIn page and have them share it on their social media profiles. Alternatively, you could write a blog post on their LinkedIn page. Another way to combine influencer marketing with LinkedIn is to feature them in LinkedIn Live, a live-streaming service similar to Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn Live is amazing for engagement and has gotten over 20x more comments than in-feed videos.

The secret to influencer marketing is being very selective about whom you collaborate with. You want to find an influencer with an audience who could benefit from your company’s products and services. You also need to ensure that the influencer aligns with the core principles of your brand. Finally, you need to do your homework and make sure their followers, traffic, and engagement are verifiable.

2.Create Regular Content

One of the biggest issues companies have when trying to market on LinkedIn is not producing enough content. If you want to really boost your revenue and use LinkedIn effectively, you should post content every day, ideally, twice a day. Don’t worry about waiting to write the perfect article, shoot an Oscar-worthy video or take a breathtaking image; you need to push content out now! You need to create a variety of different content, including blog posts of varying lengths, different types of videos, and images. Some content that does amazingly well on LinkedIn includes: 

  • Vlogs – Give customers and potential recruits insights into what is going on in your company by vlogging your office or a day in the life video. Also, the next time you host a big event, make sure you capture it on video and upload it to LinkedIn!
  • Case Study blogs – There is nothing that motivates people to buy than hearing about how someone just like them successfully used your product to solve a problem they are dealing with. If you can write blogs detailing how real customers are using your products, your LinkedIn box will be overflowing with interested buyers.
  • Images – The right image of your product, team, event, or office can inspire a buyer to try out one of your products or a star recruit to apply for a role. Don’t be shy about taking snaps!

The key to publishing content on LinkedIn is consistency, volume, and making it actionable. You want your content to inspire viewers and leave them with new insights. If you post a variety of content every day on LinkedIn, you are bound to start winning new clients.

3.Join LinkedIn Groups

There are millions of different groups on LinkedIn for every niche and topic you can imagine. You should start by searching through various groups and join the ones that are most relevant to your company. Once you have access to the group, you should share helpful tips and connect with fellow group members. Joining LinkedIn groups provides you with a great opportunity to further understand your target market and learn about the industry. You can incorporate these valuable insights into your products and services.

You can also create your own LinkedIn group. By creating your own LinkedIn group, you can connect with your customers and build long-term relationships. We recommend creating a special group for your most high-profile customers. In this group, you can offer exclusive details, invites to elite events, give them unique industry insight and provide first-class customer service. When creating a LinkedIn group, the key is to stay active and focus on providing value to your members. By giving extra attention to your most valuable customers, you are more likely to keep them long-term and win other high-profile buyers.

4.Set Your CEO Up As A Thought Leader

People look for thought leaders for guidance. They trust their opinions and listen to their advice. If you establish your CEO as a thought leader, recruits and potential buyers will trust your company and be more willing to engage with your brand. The best way to establish your CEO as a thought leader is to get them to write blogs where they share insights into the industry and share their journey of rising through the ranks. You should also link to interviews they have done with high authority publications. Your CEO should also have an active personal LinkedIn page where they regularly update followers on what they are doing and goals for the company.

5.Don’t Forget Traditional LinkedIn Methods

LinkedIn is primarily a networking site used for sales prospecting and recruiting. LinkedIn is still incredibly effective for these tasks. However, instead of sending out hundreds of InMail messages and hearing crickets, you can use specialized LinkedIn prospecting and recruiting tools like SignalHire, which is considered the LinkedIn contact finder of experts. SignalHire has an incredible Google Chrome extension that allows you to pull contact information, including phone number, email, and social media pages, from any LinkedIn profile.

To use SignalHire, head to the Google Chrome Store and download the extension. Then open a LinkedIn profile, click your extension and tap the reveal contacts button. Then SignalHire will immediately reveal phone numbers and emails. You then can use this contact information to more effectively win new big clients and hire first-class talent.

SignalHire offers a free trial and 5 complimentary credits monthly. To continue using the tool, you can upgrade your account starting from just $39 per month! Direct marketing is still incredibly effective, and there is no better way than to leverage LinkedIn to get in front of new clients and recruits.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is an incredible platform for building your brand, winning clients, and finding new rockstar employees. The first step to realizing incredible results through this platform is creating an account! Once you have got your account up and running, you can start publishing content collaborating with influencers, starting your own LinkedIn grip, and doing classic prospecting. If you deploy all of our LinkedIn tips, you will unlock the true powers of LinkedIn and start growing your business!