4 reasons to buy PVC panels online rather than traditional wall materials 

Both drywall and FRP panels come with limitations. The prime downside of these wall cladding materials is that they are not 100% water-resistant. The drywall and FRP start performing poorly once they get wet. Commercial and industrial applications like Laundromats, marinas, shipping containers, warehouses, grow rooms and dairy farms need to replace the drywall and FRP panels every now and then. It will make sense if you consider replacing the moisture-damaged cladding material with a durable product that performs well, whether wet or dry. The USA made PVC panels are particularly ideal for extreme wet commercial applications. Buy PVC panels online if you are looking for high-end vinyl products at factory-direct prices. Duramax manufacturers will customize the wall panels and have them shipped within 2 weeks.

  1. Get rid of mold and mildew permanently 

The drywall gets wet and swells up. Even the FRP panels with OSB backers attract moisture. Left unattended, these wall materials become a medium for mildew and mold. Sometimes, the wall materials start to rot and produce a foul odor threatening hygiene and cleanliness. FRP and drywall are not a match for the waterproof, mold-free, antibacterial PVC panels. The high-end PVC wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are water-resistant and do not allow mold, bacteria, or mildew growth. The USA made PVC panels have an anti-mold coated surface. The vinyl panels are odorless, hygienic, and FDA-compliant. The high-quality PVC panels are ASTM-certified and CFIA-certified. Replace the traditional wall materials with high-end Duramax PVC products to maintain cleanroom sanitary conditions inside the facility.

  1. No callbacks for repairing or replacing 

To avoid repair callbacks and replacements of the traditional wall material, buy PVC panels online from Duramax. The PVC panels are a single-time investment and do not require repairing, repainting, or replacing for at least 50 years post-installation. The vinyl panels never fade, stain, or turn yellow. The PVC panels are low maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run. The chemical-resistant PVC panels require occasional cleaning, and mild detergents work well to help the wall material retain the pristine white appeal.

On the other hand, drywall and FRP require heavy-duty maintenance and might need to get replaced after some time. The water-damaged FRP and drywall fade, stain, and turn yellow within a few months. Professional upkeep is necessary to provide longevity to these materials, which can be an additional financial burden on the budget. In addition, FRP and drywall are not recyclable and need to be replaced often. Rather invest in Duramax PVC panels that are 7x times recyclable, and the wall material has a total lifespan of 140 years.

  1. Designed for durability and strength 

The customized PVC panels are designed for durability and strength. Duramax PVC wall materials have ½ inch thickness and do not need any backers for the installation. The thick PVC panels are strong and support attic insulation loads. The PVC wall material has an inner webbed truss design to deliver exceptional strength and resilience. The PVC panels are designed for durability and can withstand extreme weather events. The PVC wall panels have Class A 1-hour fire-rated resistance. The PVC panels get designed keeping longevity in mind. The lightweight PVC panels are easy to handle, and the installation is quick. The PVC panels have no cellulose component and are impervious to moisture, thereby retaining their strength and integrity. Even if the PVC panels come in direct contact with moisture, they don’t need repairing or replacing. The wall panels just shed the moisture and remain dry.

  1. A cost-effective wall cladding material 

The vinyl panels are a permanent solution for keeping the walls and ceilings of wet commercial interiors dry. The PVC panels offer a DIY installation that requires no additional materials or skilled laborers. While drywall installation is laborious, the FRP panel fitting is double the material cost. Nevertheless, PVC panels are a one-time investment as the installation is quick and doesn’t require extra expenditure. You can save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor charges by installing Duramax PVC panels rather than FRP. The drywall being a water-absorbent material doesn’t stand a chance against the waterproof, strong, and durable PVC products.

Final Words 

Drywall and FRP have already shown their true colors by absorbing moisture and getting replaced repeatedly. Now it’s time to invest in a product that can withstand moisture contact. Get PVC panels from Duramax at factory-direct prices. Request a quote now.