4 Essential Services to Look For When Hiring Wedding Photographers In Cincinnati Ohio

When hiring a wedding photographer, you should select someone who provides complete service doesn’t matter you will be availing all of them for your wedding. Why? You never know whether the wedding package you are going to avail is enough, till you’ll see the inclusions. Do remember that some photography studios have set packages that can include and exclude other services, and those exclusions perhaps are under a separate category or as tertiary service.

A wedding package you virtually see from professional Cincinnati wedding photographers may be into separate packages. A full offering of services basically includes those which are in the tertiary services, and this category will likely be called “special wedding package”. Or something akin to that effect. Now, remember that special wedding packages tend to be expensive than ones that just include digital photography and video coverage. Actually, the more services included the higher the cost. 

Now the question is whether you’re happy to avail the special package or turn to the typical wedding package. The decisions should be yours, but you should shop for these other services in case your mind changes, and you need a complete package for this special event.

1. Digital photography

As an accepted practice among professional photographers in Cincinnati Ohio, the digital age has brought them to new heights and an edge in the technological space. It is normal for photographers of this age to use digital devices apart from digicams. They are resorting to computer software and hardware for rapid and better resolutions compared to the film-type cameras of the good old days. This service can feature the pre-wedding photoshoot, during the day itself and after the wedding.

2. Digital video coverage

For capturing the moment as it’s taking place, the gurus use digital video cameras to provide lasting memories replete with audio. Editing is done digitally through a computer device by using specific software to edit and add music.

3. On-spot video editing. This is an add-on service that many professionals offer these days. It includes video coverage and editing on the same day of the wedding and the edited video is run on the reception venue. This is an enjoyable way to share and watch the ceremony altogether, while the reception is going on, so everybody can enjoy it not just the couple and their families.

4. Projector and widescreen service. This is common nowadays more so at weddings. Memoirs, flashbacks of the couple’s love story, dedications and well-wishes from family and friends, alongside digital photo slide presentation at the hotel/dressing room and church, maybe aired at the time of reception. The couple or their families can organize the service and slides, and hand them over to the photographer on the wedding day for presentation.


When you hire a wedding photographer, choosing the best one is the key to availing yourself of all the services that you need. If you have the finances for it, it’s wise to avail the complete package including select add-ons to capture all the memories of your special day. A basic package with select services will probably be picked especially if you have a tight budget.