4 Different Wigs that Address Different Needs and Tastes of Wig

Lovers: Beginner-Friendly Wigs, HD Lace Wigs, Water Wave Hair & Frontal Lace Wigs

As a wig lover, you may have different needs and tastes. Beginner-friendly wigs, HD lace wigs, water wave hair and frontal lace wigs are four wig types that can satisfy your different needs and tastes. In this article, I will introduce these wig types. Who knows maybe you will discover that one of them is your favorite wig and decide to shop it.

Table of Content

1. Beginner-Friendly Wigs for Starters

2. HD Lace Wigs for Celebrity Style Lovers

3. Water Wave Hair for Game Changers

4. Frontal Lace Wigs for Women Who Love Natural Hair and Different Styles

  1. Beginner-Friendly Wigs for Starters

Why Beginner-Friendly Wigs?

As a newcomer to the wig world, you should ask yourself these questions before you buy your wig.

Is it easy to install the wig?

Is it easy to maintain the wig?

Is the wig affordable?

Can I wear the wig without glue?

You can choose your beginner-friendly wig based on the answers to these questions. At the beginning, you find it hard to install your wig, which may result in either ruining your wig or hiring a costly hairstylist. Or, as a beginner, it may be catastrophic for you to maintain a wig that needs intensive care.   Also, when you buy an expensive wig, you may not like it, and your money  is wasted. Or your skin turn out to be sensitive to glue. In short, it would be wise to start your wig journey with beginner-friendly wigs and then, as you become more familiar or proficient with wigs, choose the wig that will be suitable for you.

Some Beginner-Friendly Wigs

  • Headband Wigs
  • Glueless Wigs
  • TAG Wigs
  • Curly Wigs

Beginner-Friendly Wigs from Luvme Hair Collection

Luvme Hair is your reliable wig supplier where you can find quality and affordability together. You can choose and shop for one of the gorgeous and chic beginner-friendly wigs from Luvme Hair Collection. For example, curly wigs with bangs will definitely give you a cute and cool look. You can experience the privilege of slick back short-cut curly wigs. I am sure that they will be one of your favorite wigs when you see deep wave bob headband wigs. Beginner-friendly wigs of Luvme Hair will surely fulfill your dreams.

We get familiar with HD lace wigs from celebrities in movies or theatres. Later, they become indispensable wigs that we wear on special occasions. HD lace wigs are made from so-called Swiss lace, which is super delicate and transparent lace. Thanks to Swiss lace, HD lace wigs are soft. light, super transparent, invisible and undetectable.

 What Benefits Do HD Lace Wigs Offer to You?

  • HD lace wigs are super natural. They can fully melt into your skin.  It gives the impression that your hair is growing from your head.
  • That is why they are invisible and undetectable. People cannot notice that you are wearing a wig even 2 feet away.
  • With your HD lace wig, you shine and stand out. You become the star of the special event that you attend.
  • Definitely, you will receive full of compliments for your hair beauty.
  • You will feel like a celebrity when you wear your HD lace wig.
  • HD lace wigs match any skin color.

A reminder: As HD lace wigs are super thin, you should be careful when you install and wear them.

Are HD Lace Wigs Durable?

HD lace wigs are made from the highest -quality material. For that reason, they are extremely durable. They last for up to 1-2 years. However, as I noted above, you should be careful not to tear their lace.

Are HD Lace Wigs Expensive?

In fact, HD lace wigs are one of the most expensive wigs, but remember that they are well worth your money. Actually, they are a precious investment in your hair beauty.

Water wave hair is a special form of curly wigs. They are also similar to deep wave wigs. The main difference between them is that while deep wave wigs run in one direction, water wave hair runs in different directions. As a result, they flow like water in your hair. This makes water wave hair sleeker and neater. In the end, you look gorgeous with your chick and classy water wave hair.

What Benefits Does Water Wave Hair Offer to You?

  • Water wave hair enables you to have both a full and neat look.
  • As water wave hair fills your entire head, you will need fewer hair bundles and thus save money.
  • You can easily have different styles with water wave hair. They offer you voluminous hair that you can try different hairstyles. If you wish, you can have them dyed, permed or bleached.
  • The flows of water wave hair make them stronger, which extends their lifetime. It is highly likely to wear them longer than other wig types.

Why Should You Choose Water Wave Hair?                                                                            

If you are bored with classic wigs and want a change, you should choose water wave hair. These wigs offer you a rare style in which you can find a curly style, watery flows and a voluminous look. If you want to be a game-changer in your hair look, these wigs are ideal for you.

Frontal lace wigs are another high-quality wig. Its frontal lace runs your entire forehead from one ear to another. Therefore, it is easier to define your hairline. Cutting the lace in line with the hairline, you can have the exact natural look. This makes your frontal lace wig invisible and undetectable. Thus, people will think that you are wearing your natural hair.

Also, you have full hair with frontal lace wigs. This allows for trying different styles. With your full hair, it is possible for you to try different hairstyles like high or low ponytails, buns or updos.

Features of Frontal Lace Wigs

You can also pick and shop your favorite HD Lace wig, Water Wave Hair and Frontal Lace Wig from Luvme Hair Collection as well as  choose your beginner-friendly wigs.