4 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means that couples around the country are going to open up their wallets to plan romantic date-nights and get each other expensive gifts. If you’re feeling the pressure to spend more than you should for the sake of love, you should take a look at these budget-friendly tips that will come in handy on February 14th.

Overspending on Valentine’s Day:

People stretch their budgets for this special occasion. Research shows that Americans spend an average of $142 on Valentine’s Day gifts alone — the average changes based on your age and gender. Men from Generation X spend the most out of any other group. 

It’s fine to indulge in an expensive gift for Valentine’s Day when you have the savings to handle the cost. But you shouldn’t drain your budget or go into debt for the romantic holiday. Doing this will leave you financially vulnerable. What if an emergency expense crops up? If you have nothing in the bank and you suddenly get car trouble, what can you do?

If you happen to drain your budget and don’t have the savings to cover the costs, you could apply for a line of credit offered through CreditFresh and request a draw to help you manage the emergency. You could receive the funds from your line of credit quickly — they could be in your account as soon as one business day. Once you’ve handled the emergency, you can focus on the repayments based on the line of credit’s balance.

Smart budgeting and saving are the best ways to avoid this type of hiccup. Instead of breaking the bank on gifts, here are four budget-friendly ways that you can impress your sweetheart.

1. Cook Them Dinner

The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So, look up some romantic recipes for two that you can whip up in your own kitchen — the cost of ingredients will be a small fraction of the bill you’d get at a restaurant that specializes in fine dining.

2. Host a Night at the Movies

You can save yourself the costs of theater tickets and concession stand snacks when you set up your date night on your couch. Cozy up on the couch with throw pillows and blankets. Bring a gigantic bowl of movie-style popcorn and your favorite drinks. Then stream some new movies together. You’re guaranteed to have the best seats in the house.

3. Write Them Valentines

One budget-friendly and romantic idea is to write your sweetheart a Valentine. You can write to them a long, heartfelt love letter. You can leave them cheesy, funny notes around the house so that they can be surprised by a sweet message when they open a kitchen cupboard or closet door. Be their not-so-secret admirer.

4. Go Stargazing

If the sky is clear, why not go outside and go stargazing together? Bundle up in your warmest clothes, make a thermos of hot cocoa and venture outdoors to find a good spot to sit and look up at the sky. There are lots of stargazing apps that you can download to help you find stars, planets and constellations above you. It will be like having a little planetarium in your pocket.

If the weather isn’t ideal, you could ignore astronomy and have fun with astrology instead. Look up your horoscopes together and see why you’re destined to be a compatible match. Plus, this date idea finally gives you an opportunity to use the pick-up line “What’s your sign?”

Financial instability isn’t romantic. You can woo your sweetheart and stay on budget at the same time.