3 Tips for Registering Your New Car in California

All cars on the road must be licensed and insured. Licensing your car tells the state you registered the vehicle and it allows authorities to continue to track that it’s valid. Getting a new car or a second car is an exciting process.

No matter where you buy the car, you will need to get a license plate in California to drive it legally. If you want to find out how to get your car ready to use when you get it, keep reading to learn what you need to ensure a smooth process. 

1. Gather the Necessary Documents

The type of documents you need will vary depending on whether or not your new car is registered in a different state. The place you bought the car also matters. For example, when you buy a car at a dealership, they will usually complete everything for you.

However, when you buy a car from a private seller, you will have to do a transfer of ownership first. When you buy a car from a different state, you need to provide proof of title and registration as well as the license plate for that state. You will not be able to obtain a license plate in California without showing proof of the minimum level of required insurance. 

2. Pay Applicable Fees

Registration fees will vary depending on the type of car you have. You can get an estimate online with a licensing fee calculator or receive an approximate fee by visiting a DMV or another location that offers license plates. When you pay for the fees, you will also be paying for the decal and other applicable taxes. 

Most drivers will apply for the standard license plate. However, in California, you can also obtain special license plates to support certain causes and increase recognition. 

3. Recieve the License Plate and Sticker 

You will receive your license plate and sticker immediately after showing all documents and paying fees at the DMV. You can legally drive on the road at this point. If you would like to get detailed help and information on how to get a license plate in California in Spanish, you can visit this website: placasalinstante.com

Keep in mind, as with every state, you will need to continue to renew your license plate and decal to keep it current. In California, you can renew your license plate every 1-2 years 

Obtaining a License Plate in California Is Easy  

Getting a license plate in California is a simple task. It may actually take you more time to shop for a car than to get the license itself. So long as you make sure you have all your documents together and have the funds to pay the fees, you can get a license plate the same day or have it shipped to you. 

The former is often the best option for most because a lot of people need to use the car the same day. It feels rewarding to be able to drive the new car you spent time and money saving to purchase quickly 

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