3 Things To Consider When Building Your 2022 Workplace Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted business owners to review their workplace designs. But it’s not just the pandemic that affected the changes—it simply sped up the process. Some of the reasons for the notable shifts in workplace design include the need to improve employee well-being, increase productivity, and attract and retain top talent. A workplace strategy will help you craft the ideal workspace for your company.

But what is a workplace strategy? It’s the development of an office design aligned to a company’s goals. Today, more businesses realize the importance of creating the right workspaces for their employees. Consider the following factors when building your workplace strategy.

Flexibility of the workplace

Statistics indicate that 83% of workers think hybrid working will be crucial in the future. Long working hours at the workplace and the taxing daily commutes were cited as the main reasons for this. Today, more companies are allowing employees to spend some of their workdays at home.

Since hybrid working has become a norm, business owners need to tweak their workplace strategy accordingly. Making the work environment flexible is one of the best ways to ensure hybrid workers can comfortably juggle working from home and the office.

As a smaller number of your staff will use the office at any given time, reducing the furniture in your office makes sense. Include a couple of multipurpose pieces of furniture, create agile spaces, and use designs that give the place a homely feel. Such strategies will make the office space feel like an extension of the workers’ home office.

Fostering collaboration

While a significant number of employees prefer and love working from home, they also crave physical human interaction. Activity-based designs are great for improving collaboration. Open plan office spaces enable employees to contact each other easily. Having multipurpose areas such as huddle and conference rooms is also a great way to get employees to work together and interact. What’s more, they help reduce the amount of floor space an office takes up.

Keep in mind that some employees thrive when working alone with no distractions. Therefore, create some quiet zones where they can pop in once in a while to do some of their projects.

Boosting employee well-being

When employees are in a bad mental and physical state, they’ll not perform as well as you’d want. Developing a work environment that boosts their well-being will improve their performance.

Prolonged sitting causes health conditions such as lower back pain and high blood pressure. To eliminate this harmful habit, workers need to use ergonomic chairs and standing desks. You can also create a workout room and encourage employees to take multiple breaks when working.

Improving natural lighting is an excellent way to enhance focus. You can move to a workplace with larger windows or change the position of desks. Further, you can boost employee well-being by using a colour scheme that increases creativity and productivity. You can talk to a professional if you have little knowledge about the best colors for your office.Creating a people-centric work environment will give you an edge over your competitors. Your workers will enjoy working for the company and do their best every time they enter the office. Aura Office is dedicated to helping you create a workplace design tailored to your business.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.