3 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Pest Control Company

Did you know that the global market for pest control systems is over $19.73 billion in 2019? Making sure that your business is free from damaging pests is important, and finding the right pest control company is important for your bottom line.

When you begin looking for pest control companies, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. We’ve created a handy guide on questions to ask your commercial pest control company.

By asking these questions, you’ll be sure that the company is the right fit for you. Keep reading!

1. What Commercial Pest Control Solutions Does the Company Offer?

When looking for a commercial pest control company, it is important to ask questions to ensure you are receiving quality service. It is important to ask what pest control solutions they offer. This will ensure that you are getting the services that you need for your specific pest problems.

Find out if they buy exterminator-grade materials, have an experienced staff, and use effective extermination methods and techniques. Ask if they provide organic or chemical treatments, as well as customized treatments depending on the unique needs of your business. It is also essential to ask about the company’s safety standards and clean-up methods to ensure a safe environment for your employees.

Ask the company about its history of results and past customer reviews. This will give you an idea of the quality of service they provide.

2. Is the Pest Control Team Experienced And Certified?

You should ask how long the team has been in business, as well as what type of certifications and qualifications they hold. You should also ask if the team is licensed, insured, and bonded with an approved agency. Make sure to find out if the team has any experience with the type of pest problem you’re trying to solve.

While experience is not everything, the more comprehensive the team’s qualifications and certifications, the higher level of trust you can have in their services. 

3. What Is the Company’s Plan For Following Up?

When selecting a commercial pest control services, it is important to ask them what their follow-up plans are. Ensure that they have regular inspection procedures in place to prevent pests from returning. It can also be beneficial to find out if the company can provide additional treatments if needed after the initial treatment.

Ask the pest control company what their post-treatment protocols are to monitor and maintain an effective pest control program. It is also important to inquire if the pest control company will provide documents outlining their findings, recommendations, and plans for further treatment if required.

Ask how often the pest control company will come back to inspect and treat the property. The answers to these questions should help you to make an informed decision about which commercial pest control company to select.

Evaluating Pest Control Brand Reputations

Choosing the right commercial pest control company is an important decision, and it’s essential to do your research. Ask the questions outlined in this article to ensure that you get the best commercial pest control team available. Don’t delay; start your search today and take control of your commercial pest problem.

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