3 Essential Tips Black Men Need To Know About Grooming A Beard

With the trend of “dudes with beards” slowly gaining popularity, many Black men have taken note of this trend, which has prompted some Black men to start growing beards. The problem is, though, there’s not much information about how to maintain a beard. So, in this article, I’m going to share some essential tips Black men need to know about grooming a beard.

While the skincare and beardcare needs and concerns for black men are unique, it’s eary to have a well-groomed beard as an Afro-American man. 

If you’re black, you know the struggle of trying to maintain a good beard. Many black men have tried all kinds of products and advice that just wasn’t meant for us.

1. Hygiene, first and foremost fellas

Hygiene and skin care play an essential role here. Whether you notice it or not, on average, we touch our face at least 200 times per day.

This leads to bacteria, germs, dust and particles build up on your face (and under your beard) that creates inflammation to your skin. You can reduce itchiness by using a face cleanser to get rid of daily build-up and a deep scrub exfoliator to cleanse your pores.

Some men don’t think this step is necessary, but it’s the foundation for growing a healthy beard.

Don’t neglect the skin underneath your beard.

Lately, black men in movies, music and sports– like Idris Elba, Drake and also James Harden, — have redefined beard style as well as provided an underrepresented segment of males the self-confidence to accept their facial hair.

But black men with beards isn’t really something new. It’s something that connects us with our heritage, claims Saunders, the founder of Kingly Beardz, a company that provides all-natural beard care products and  advice for Afro-American men.

The skin care needs and troubles for black guys with beards are distinct, nonetheless, Saunders says guys have started taking beard maintenance and grooming more seriously.

2. Trimming your beard is necessary.

” Not regularily trimming your beard can cause split ends and also leads to unmanageable face hair,” says Saunders. “Trimming your beard and shaving your neck and cheek lines allows your beard to maintain your desired shape and also keeps your facial hair clean and healthy and looking great.”

If you’re strapped for money and can not pay for weekly journeys to the barbershop, then you should purchase a beard trimmer as well as a pair of stainless-steel beard cutting scissors to maintain the shape and health of your beard t.

Let it take shape first then trim.

Similar to your skin, no two men have the exact same beard journey and shape. Providing your beard the time to grow unhindered is very important to understanding your facial hair growth patterns (including your neck and jaw line hair development).

Avoid shaping your beard as long as you can, we suggest waiting for about 60-90 days before you visit a professional barber for your first trim and shaping.

3. Picking at ingrown hairs is the worst thing you can do.

Black men typically have coarse or curly hair, which may cause razor bumps as well as in-grown hairs.  Here are the best tips I’ve found and use for my beard instead:

Wash your face daily

This is one of the most important tips to keeping your beard looking great. Your face naturally produces oil, and your beard can collect this oil. After a few days, your beard can develop whiteheads and blackheads that you might not see until much later. This is why it is important to wash your face daily.

Also, this will remove dirt, oil, and debris that may accumulate in your beard. Use a non-abrasive, fragrance-free soap that doesn’t dry out your skin. You can also use a beard moisturizer. This will keep your beard soft and shiny.

Clean your tools regularly 

It’s important to clean your beard trimmer, scissors, and any other tools you use to trim your beard.  This helps ensure that you reduce that amount of bacteria and germs in your beard. 

Bonus Tip: Build a beard grooming kit with products and tools made specifically for facial hair.

Saunders points out another common error that bearded men make is: using the same products they apply to their hair and scalp on their beards.

If you do this, you’ll be damaging your beards with harsh chemicals that can leave a greasy residue.

A good beard product kit includes things like shampoos/soap, conditioners, balms, and oil to clean your beard and maintain it at its best.

As a general rule, black men should avoid using products that contain dyes, artificial fragrances and lanolin, as these can cause irritation, dryness and clogged pores.

Unfortunately, most hair products that can be bought over-the-counter that cater to black men are thick, waxy and often contain harmful chemicals, which can clog pores, cause acne breakouts. Instead, you should find all-natural products when possible. 

Make sure you thoroughly read and understand the ingredients in the products you use. Remember this simple proverb we live by, “if you can’t pronounce it, think twice before using those products on your face.” 


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)