2023 Guide to do Custom Nail File

Nail filing is an art, but most people fail to see this because they believe that any nail file will do the job. If you work in the nail industry, you should know that not all nails will respond well to one type of nail filer. You want to have a wide variety of nail files on hand if you’re a distributor, wholesaler, salon owner, or manufacturer.

Private Label Printed Nail Files

As mentioned above, if you are selling your own nail files, it means you might be looking for a way to customize it with your private label. If you’re trying to sell custom nail file, we provide a variety of fun possibilities. Our customers can request any nail file material, shape, or grit. We are available to meet any need from companies. Here is a guide on creating customized nail files in 2023 and determining the quality of the final output.

Different Materials

Manufacturers can buy nail files from different materials. Some of them include

  • Emery Board: This is constructed of paper and cardboard.
  • Glass: Salon operators may use our nail files made of glass material for acrylics, dipping powder, or extensions.
  • Metal: The metal nail files are offered in home kits and can get customized to match your brand.
  • Wooden: Businesses can request wood nail files in the various grits of their choice.

Different Shapes

Don’t get stuck with old-fashioned nail files. Have fun with various shapes! Distributors, Salon owners, or wholesaler can increase their variety by adding our

  • Straight Shape Nail File
  • Banana Shape Nail File
  • Halfmoon Shape Nail File
  • Oval Shape Nail File
  • Buffer Block

Different Grit

Furthermore, there are different grits. Here is a breakdown.

  • 80/80 Grit

80/80 is used to remove the product.

  • 100 Grit

100 Grit nail files are the ultimate way to trim natural or artificial nails and shape their side walls and free edges.

  • 150 Grit

Three principal uses exist for 150-grit nail files. First, they are used to form the nail beds by filing the nail’s surface. Second, they are employed to prevent any early lifting and, lastly, to incorporate the tips into the natural nail.

  • 180 Grit

Similarly to 150-grit, 180-grit also has many purposes. They are used to shape the entire nail, trim or shape a natural nail’s free edge, and prepare the nail before applying the product.

  • 240 Grit

The 240 grits are the least hazardous when compared to others. The 240 grit can get used by nail professionals to prepare their clients’ nails for UV gel lacquer.

Private Nail Files

Even the manufacturers’ own private label nail file are possible. We provide brands with goods that are tailored to their needs. Brands may have their own private label nail files with our customization.

  • Emery Type: Thetools’ emery can be modified with alternative materials.
  • Dimension: Manufacturers can customize the nail files’ width, length, and thickness to meet the need of various nail shapes.
  • Shapes: Exclude yourself from boring and minimalistic shapes and decorations and add funky decor to your products that will define your brand.
  • Customize Packaging Design: Packaging design represents your brand and makes you remembered in the market. With our high-technology and trained technicians have a personalized packaging design.
  • Printing: Install your business’s private label on the item to set yourself apart from the market and increase brand awareness.

Remarkable Qualities of Our Nail Files

  1. For various nail kinds, including acrylic, artificial nails, natural nails, and nail files for animals, check out our selection of nail file items!
  2. They are washable, reusable, and double-sided.
  3. As a result of their small size, they are simple to carry for use on a regular basis.
  4. The emery boards we use are long-lasting. Hence, you would not have to buy new nail files constantly.
  5. All our products are environmentally friendly.
  6. The nail files use 180 grit for soft and precise nails.