19 Fascinating Facts About the World Languages

There are many languages born and died throughout history. According to Ethnology, there are around 7111 different languages spoken around the world. Every year, there is a significant decrease in this number and less dominant languages are likely to go extinct. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about languages that you might have never heard about before.

Do You Know?

Most Interesting Facts

  1. There are only 8 people who can speak Busuu. Until 1986, there were 8 speakers of these languages, which later reduced to 3 in 2005.
  2. The Bible is translated into 683 languages, which makes it the most translated book, followed by Pinocchio.
  3. French is popular as a love language, not because of its romantic accent, but because Italy and France have the most romantic destinations.
  4. Every language correlates with other languages, except Basque; this language has no influence on any other language.
  5. There are around 200 fake languages in books, TV shows, and films, such as Klingon.
  6. Many people believe that Russian is the first language spoken in space.

Chinese Mandarin language

  1. English doesn’t have the highest number of speakers; it is Chinese Mandarin. However, this language has more native speakers and not many people recognize it around the world.
  2. Chinese Mandarin language doesn’t use alphabets, instead, they use symbols. Moreover, the average native speaker can recognize 8000+ symbols.
  3. Chinese Mandarin is also the toughest language to learn because there is no alphabet. Therefore, to read a newspaper, you should know at least 3000 symbols.

English Language

  1. There are more English speakers in Nigeria than in the United Kingdom.
  2. English gets so much influenced by the French language that around 30% of English words are from French.
  3. More people in the world speak English as their second language than there are native speakers.
  4. Many people consider English as an official language of the United States, but in reality, the USA has no official language.

Bonus Facts

  1. Most languages have 2 genders, masculine and feminine; German is the only language with 3 genders, which are masculine, feminine, and neuter.
  2. South Africa has the highest number of official languages. Because of the higher cultural diversity, there are 11 official languages in the country.
  3. According to many linguists, languages were first initiated around 100,000 BC.
  4. There are around 4000 Arabic words in Spanish.
  5. South Korea and North Korea speak different languages. Because of the high cultural diversification, their grammatical rules and vocabularies are also very different.
  6. According to many studies, learning a second language enhances your memory and slows down aging.

Final Words!

Language is probably the most common aspect of our everyday lives. These language facts are really very surprising & interesting, and not most people look at languages this way. Every language has a story behind it, and it’s kind of fun to unleash the historical significance of languages, how they impact our psychologies and influence societies and cultures.

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