10 Tips to Determine Your Service/Product Profit Drivers

One of the critical aspects of getting more profits is to identify and measure your key profit drivers. For this, you should develop strategies to grow them, without increasing costs. The idea is to make your business more profitable. And this involves looking at ways to increase sales revenue, decrease your costs and benchmarking your business to see where you can save money.

So what are the 10 things you should do to priorities the strategies you’ve chosen to improve your profit so you can focus on the most important ones?

1.Your sales

A potent profit driver is your sales. Get your sales system in place and post the leads that your efficient and effective marketing brings in. After this, you have to convert them quite efficiently and effectively as well. Though repeatable, this process can be automated or delegated. But it is a reliable benchmark to drive your other systems too.

2.Make a plan to decrease costs

Find methods and strategies to decrease costs. You can do this by reducing inventory since stock control is an excellent way to streamline your business. You can also lower direct costs by connecting with the right suppliers for your business and negotiating for better prices or discounts to buy in bulk. Minimize your advertising costs. For example, instead of conventional marketing, go for digital marketing trends that can minimize waste and errors in your business. You can train staff, or reduce marketing costs by using low-cost marketing techniques.

Also, benchmark your business and compare costs with other similar companies in your industry to see if you are paying too much.

3.Change with demand at the moment

Keep in mind that search is different from your other marketing channels. In simple words, the customer is ultimately in charge of how and when she wants to interact. A vital component of any profit-driven marketing is a healthy respect for the 24/7 nature of the always-connected consumer. A mobile product search can lead to research on her desktop at work before she finally purchases her tablet that evening while watching her favourite TV show on her laptop.

4.Map profits beyond the conversion

One needs to have a precise understanding of the value of your digital media investment. Don’t overvalue the investment because it will only lead to a waste of money. And on the same lines, if you undervalue the asset, it will relinquish profit. Successful profit-driven marketers will help you determine the full value of digital investments.

5.Opt for Social Media paid promotions

A faster and recommended way to get visibility for your businesses is registering your brand for paid promotions. This can be in the form of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. For example, more than 2.6 billion active Facebook users provide an excellent market for new and reliable sources. 

6.Think of new product lines

The next step is to develop new product lines. You can try to survey your customers about new products. Also, find new customers as they can help grow your business. Alongside, also try to find more unique marketing using market research to determine if you could expand your business into new areas.

7.Check prices

While customers do like low prices, you should also remember that it is critical to increasing your expenses from time to time. Check if you have priced your goods and services correctly and if you could increase costs without reducing sales. Do give price discounts and promotions to increase your customer base.

8.Mark & evaluate an online presence

Take your business online to showcase it through websites and social media platforms, also known as Business Branding. There are 4.67 billion internet users today, and this provides a vast platform to work on. Alongside, you cannot deny that phones are another savvy technology that made lives easier. You can grab information about the products or services and purchase them.

9.Analyze the strategies for increasing sales revenue

The next step is enhancing the productivity of your staff. You should try and recognize and reward staff contributions with staff performance reviews. Alongside, try to teach them sales skills and how to upsell products, so customers make multiple purchases at one time.

10.Have clear goals & plans

Do ensure you have a clear plan and goal for the future. When aiming for means that you’re less likely to get distracted by shiny objects, things that sound cool, but aren’t going to help.

These are the 10 factors that determine your profit drivers. To evaluate and strategize them to maximize profits.

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