10 secrets to make a video that no one can resist

What is the secret of a real viral video, from which it is impossible to break away? 

We warn you:  if you have been in this topic for a long time and firmly, this article is unlikely to be useful to you. In case you are just getting started with video, these tips will help you create a quality video without any hassle. Also learn more about video production san francisco

So how do you create a viral marketing video?

1. Tell the audience a story 

Turn your videos into a mini-movie with a full storyline. Matthew highlights story elements such as mise-en-scène, confrontation, and conflict resolution. You can call them simpler: plot, climax, denouement. Or quite simply – the beginning, middle and end.

When thinking over the video script, do not forget to add some ambiguous situation to it, which will make the plot not insipid. What could this situation be? For example, you can put the main character in front of a difficult choice or make him give up something important – everything is limited only by your imagination.

Almost all of the best brand promotional videos have an emotional appeal. Consider, for example, Budweiser’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial. Videos use a well-known way to evoke emotions in humans: they show cute animals that experience human feelings.

You can evoke emotions in many ways: show something very cute (as in the previous example) or talk about the difficult path of the main character to the goal. For example, for the Super Bowl 2017 commercial, Budweiser based the script on the biography of its creator, Adolphus Bush, an American entrepreneur originally from Germany.

3. Use humor (just be careful)

Humor is hard. Jokes don’t always come through. To do this, you need to know your audience. If you’ve ever told a joke that no one laughed at, you know what it’s about.

Sometimes brands joke very badly, and sometimes their humor is perceived with delight. An example of the latter case is the Kmart brand. In 2013, their “Ship my pants” ad received 13 million views on YouTube in  a week .

For the brand’s marketers, humor proved to be a great way to increase revenue, with funny videos helping to increase sales by almost 16%.

4. Don’t forget about voice acting (even though many people watch without sound)

Of course, many users prefer to mute the sound in the video (especially if they are watching from a phone). However, it is worth taking care of what they will hear if they decide to turn it on. Bad voice acting can kill the whole impression of your video.

Three main guidelines to follow:

  • record in silence;
  • use a good microphone;
  • add good music (if there is no good music, don’t add music at all).

Since music is a very powerful instrument, choose it very carefully. As Matthew says, music has consequences. Here’s an example from the Film Riot internet show that talks about making movies. In the episode “How to Manipulate People with Music”, a short scene is shown twice in a row where one man holds out a box to another. There are no visual differences, only the music is different. At the same time, the mood of the scene changes: at first frightening, with different music it becomes playful. 

5. Use Color (Like Movie Makers Do)

The main color in the video directly affects the impression it makes. Matthew cites the film “Oh, where are you, brother?” as an example. It was filmed in the summer in Mississippi, among greenery and flowering plants. At the same time, according to the plot, everything takes place in an arid area during the Great Depression. The director of the picture decided to change the green color to brown in order to create the right atmosphere in the film.

What can be the conclusion? When creating a video, pay as much attention to color as to story and music (even if you don’t qualify for an Oscar).

6. Make things move (move a lot)

Everyone understands that the video should have as few static images as possible. But how much movement is needed?

There is no single recipe. In TV shows and movies, the angle of view and the scene change every 2-3 seconds: close-ups are replaced by small ones, and characters are constantly shown from different angles. And the audience is waiting for a quick change of scenes: for people, oddly enough, the picture is not the main thing, they first of all pay attention to moving objects.

7. Show faces (friendly and not so friendly)

From birth, we see faces all the time. And every day: at work, in the subway, in stores and at home. Sometimes we imagine faces even when things don’t really have faces. Do you see a face when you look at the moon?

Popular faces are a separate issue. Brands are trying to include famous people in their promotional videos in order to inspire more trust in viewers. For example, for several years now, popular actor Dmitry Nagiyev has been filming MTS commercials. And their direct competitors – Beeline – use the no less popular Sergey Svetlakov in advertising.

8. Add subtitles (duplicate people’s important quotes)

Matthew advises adding subtitles to videos, because many people watch videos without sound and do not hear what they are talking about. At the same time, even those who watch video with sound perceive information better if the speech is supported visually.

Do not rely on subtitles that are automatically generated by YouTube, Facebook and other sites. They do not perceive the Russian language well, so the text will be illiterate at best, and at worst, its meaning will be greatly distorted.

9. Add calls to action (why did you even start this?)

No matter how great your promotional video is, it is completely useless without a clear call to action. However, do not remember it at the last moment. Your goal is the result. Think straight away: what should people do after watching your video? If you’ve already written the script, and then decide to add an email call to your video, this approach won’t work.

So remember:  first decide what you want to get from the video, what to call people to, and then think over the concept and write the script. This is the basic rule.

How else to stimulate a person to leave mail / buy / call? Try adding interactive content to your video. The easiest way is to add clickable elements to your YouTube video. You can add links to your website or social networks in the video, or invite viewers to click on something and leave an email or subscribe to the newsletter. The main thing is to make people want to do something, make them understand why to do it, and explain how to do it. Serve them all on a silver platter.

10. Get things done (to keep people interested)

Let’s say people watched your video, liked it, or even subscribed to you. So, what is next? It is necessary to influence the user again. For example, use retargeting to make the images from the video follow him everywhere. Or show another video. Or redirect to the site.

Remember:  one single video will not help increase your sales in any way. You need to build video marketing into the overall marketing strategy of the brand. Then each frame will work for your goals.

Come up with some finishing options that you can add to the video. Think about what your viewer would like to do next? How can you please him even more? It should go beyond the video, maybe even offline.

You can give gifts, discounts, promotional codes for your products in videos, create an engaging game on social networks using video content – use all your creativity to invent ways to attract attention to yourself. Whatever it is, do it cool, with passion and faith in success!


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