10 Different Types of Construction Vehicles and their Uses

In the construction industry, there is a need for too many resources. Construction vehicles play an essential role in the industry. These are the commercial motor vehicles used to transport goods, wares, and other materials. Construction vehicles have a significant variation depending on what purpose it serves. It is not feasible for any contractor to own every construction vehicle, which is why they often rent from a trucking company.

Here are the ten types you must know if you are a contractor or someone looking to learn more about construction vehicles and their uses.


The most commonly recognized construction vehicles, bulldozers are the strongest machines. They are modelled like a tractor but have a large blade attached to the front. Using the principles of hydraulics, bulldozers can push enormous amounts of sand, mud, rubble, etc. You can rent them from a trucking company to dig trenches, clear obstructions, and do other farming tasks.


Graders are construction machines that have long blades called road graders. A trucking company uses these machines to level surfaces and eliminate dirt when building roads. They are also used to lay the foundation pads when building substantial concrete structures.

Front Loaders

This construction vehicle is also known as a scoop loader, front-end loader or bucket loader, given its square metal bucket attached to the vehicle with movable arms. Due to their large wheels, the front loaders can work in any terrain and are used to move soil or to carry construction supplies, and in some countries, they are used to clean snow. 


Arguably the most versatile of all construction vehicles, trucks are used for various functions in the industry. There are dump trucks that are used to more debris from the construction sites and supply to the site. A trucking company will have a variety of trucks, such as off-road trucks that are suitable for rough terrain, side-dump trucks that are longer than usual trucks, and transfer dump trucks that have an attached mobile cargo container.


Backhoes are earth-movies construction vehicles that can be attached to a front loader or a standard tractor. These machines have several applications; they can dig trenches, build foundations, lay wires and pipelines and more. 


One of the most adaptable construction equipment contractors can use for various jobs is the trenchers. These machines have a unique structure attached, known as the trencher, that can be of multiple shapes. Trenchers, as the name suggests, are used for digging, pipe laying, drainage system installation, and trench warfare preparation.


Cranes are usually included in the offerings of a trucking company. These construction vehicles have a system of pulleys and cables that enable them to lift or lower things weighing tonnes. At construction sites, cranes are used to raise large goods that are impossible for human labour.


Excavation is the primary task carried out by excavators. These construction vehicles have a bucker, a boom, a dipper, and a cab attached to a revolving platform that makes up an excavator. This unit is then attached to a wheeled or tracked undercarriage.

Crawler Dozers

Similar to bulldozers, crawler dozers are tracked vehicles that offer excellent stability. These vehicles are usually tasked with pioneering work, such as constructing new roads and removing overburden from deeper mines.


The most common sight at docking, loading and construction areas, forklifts offer the ease of moving heavy objects. You can rent several kinds of forklifts from a trucking service. They are available as simple pallets and also as commercial telehandlers. The main difference is the weight they can lift.


These are the ten most common types of construction vehicles used in the industry. Usually, a construction vehicle can perform more than one function. You can pick the most suitable job based on your requirement.