10 Best Sneaker Raffle Bots (2021)

What is a Sneaker Raffle Bot?

If you are wondering what a sneaker raffle bot is – this is the place to begin. While many sneakerheads are trying to keep up with the sneaker raffle market, the old way to do it might become a thing of the past. So, for anyone who wants to be on the top of the sneaker coping game, raffle bots are the next big thing.

The vast majority of sneaker sites are choosing the raffle model partly because of the increased speed a sneaker bot provides its user. So, while sneaker bots are losing their popularity, raffle bots dramatically increase your probability of winning those limited-edition sneakers in the lottery-type raffles.

It’s an essential tool for anyone interested in spotting and buying sneakers in a raffle while simultaneously providing the user with a necessary edge in the contemporary sneaker coping game. 

In this article, we’ll summarize the details and provide you with all the necessary information about the raffle bot movement. We will also list the 10 best bots for your successful entry into the ever-changing raffle bot world. 

In the second part of the article, we’ll address two vital topics: are bots illegal and the importance of proxies for such bots.

Table of contents:

10 Best Sneaker Raffle Bots (2021)

What is a Sneaker Raffle Bot?

How do Sneaker Raffle Bots work?

Ten Top Sneaker Raffle Bots

Are Sneaker Raffle Bots Illegal?

Proxies for Sneaker Raffle Bots


How do Sneaker Raffle Bots work?

The rules of the game are simple – the sneaker market is packed with various raffles where customers have a chance of getting their hands on newly designed or limited-edition sneakers.

Raffle bots collect data based on the user’s preference and enter them into a raffle where you can win the desired pair. It automatizes your footwear purchase by doing all the heavy-lifting work of spotting and entering various raffles held by online shops all over the world.

Ten Top Sneaker Raffle Bots

It can be hard to choose the best raffle bot on the market, so we will present the 10 best raffle bot list.

Sole Retriever Mobile

Sole Retriever Mobile is one of the best raffle bot products that can be found in the market. The bot works around the globe providing its users with the ability to access more than 1000 online shops. As you can guess from the bots name – it is a mobile app supported both by iOS and Android. The user feedback of the bot is great, often acknowledging its flexibility to personalized data, raffle suggestions, and an up-to-date calendar regarding new releases.

Hyper Raffle Bot

Hyper Raffle Bot is probably the best known and of the most popular raffle bot in the world. With its extremely friendly UI and unlimited entries, it is a product worth any sneakerhead’s attention. The bot works as a web app, which allows its customers to use the product from any device anywhere in the world.

Besides that, Hyper Raffle Bot can be added as a Chrome extension, making the use of the bot extremely simple. While there can be room for discussion about the truthfulness of Hyper Raffle Bot’s advertising, it is undoubtedly one of the leading bots in the market.

Waffler Raffle Bot

This is one of the newer players on the market. Its design is made to provide the bot owner with an easy-to-learn user experience. While being straightforward and simple, it covers almost all sneaker online retailers and the developer’s are constantly updating it. They have promised to make the bot cloud-based in the near future.

Another cool thing about this bot is that the owner can rent or resell it at any time they want. You should take note that at the moment the Waffler bot is only available on Windows.


The Flareraffles bot is probably the most affordable raffle bot in the market. It’s packed with various quality-of-life features – it supports online, in-store, and mobile application raffles. It also has an integrated geocoding address function, elevating the user experience with an integrated account generator.

Currently, it’s compatible only with Windows OS. In the end, a cheap bot doesn’t mean that it won’t help you to get the shoes of your dreams. Flareraffles is a bot worth trying.

Osiris Raffle Bot

Another top bot in the raffle business, Osiris, is well known for its technical solutions against anti bot systems and the number of sneaker shops it works on. The Osiris Raffle bot supports both Mac and Windows.

The bot works mostly as any other automation tool between online retailers and the customer. Its huge speed advantage, however, makes it a valuable asset to anyone interested in buffing their shoe copping game.


This is a great raffle bot that makes copping with what you need much easier. The option of using a Footlocker FLX account increases your chances of snatching those long-awaited pairs of sneakers on their websites immensely. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

The KageAIO bot support team provides great customer service through their Discord server or other platforms. Due to all the support and the fact that it also can be used as a simple sneaker bot for purchasing shoes with the best retail price, we would recommend this bot to anyone who feels like a beginner in the world of sneaker bots.

Kicks Raffle Bot

The Kicks raffle bot is known as a bot that focuses its attention mostly on European shops. Some shops in the USA and other regions are included, but they’re scarce.

The user interface is designed to make it easy for everyone to participate in the raffle entries with various browsers. Unfortunately, it runs only on Windows. 

The bot developers are at the front of creating anti bot system support solutions and updates. Additionally, it has a lot of manual configuration to adjust and optimize all activities. All in all, combined with a 24/7 support team this bot claims itself as a worthy member of our bot list.


Another great, credible, and stable bot for your goals in the raffle business. As the previous entry, ThunderIO brings their attention mostly to the European market. There the bot has been successfully growing for more than two years, which enabled them to become the leading bot for European users.

Their CLI interface is easy to adjust and allows for the opening of unlimited tasks both for Mac and Windows users. Additionally, developers provide continuous support on their Discord server. So, if you are based in Europe, this bot is definitely worth your attention.


Rafflehub is a bot that has already managed to maintain its reputation as one of the main players in the bot market. Fixed with simple UX, exquisite and smooth UI design, power tools built-in for user convenience, and an automatic captcha solver Rafflehub is a strong candidate for the best bot.

While Rafflehub is not a cloud based bot, one can nevertheless participate in batch threads allowing the loyal user multiple entry modes.


AlienAiO (AiO stands for an all-in-one) bot is one of the new promising contenders that has already established its name as a promising tool for acquiring sneakers through a raffle. The bot is designed with references to alien technologies, symbolizing their goal to become the thing of the future.

AlienAiO is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. It can be used as a desktop program and also as Command Line Interface (CLI), which is suited for more advanced users.

Are Sneaker Raffle Bots Illegal? 

The straightforward answer is – no. Owning and using a bot in no way interferes with the current legislation throughout the world.

That being said, an online retail shop can demand an agreement from the user in the Terms & Conditions section to not pursue any kind of purchase with the help of a raffle bot. The violation of those conditions can result in the denial of the transaction or even banning a certain IP address. To avoid such an issue, the best route you can take is a reliable proxy address.

Proxies for Sneaker Raffle Bots

The simple definition of a proxy can be stated as a sort of middle-man IP address between the user and the server they are connecting to. So, it should be obvious to anyone that a good and reliable proxy is a necessary tool for anyone having a bot. So when it comes to choosing a proxy, which ones should you consider?

There are many different proxies available – designed for every user’s individual needs. When speaking about online shoe shopping, there are certain proxies designed specifically for sneakerheads.

The first step people usually take is to get themselves a residential proxy to hide their original IP address. Going one step further is finding proxies that are aimed at specific brand purchases – Adidas, Nike, etc. While you still do the copping manually, it gives the user more versatility. 

But if you are still with me, you know that our topic of the day is bot enhanced purchases. Consequently, the proxies that suit your needs will be the ones precisely designed for bot users. They usually have a huge IP pool that supports location targeting, overcoming the online retailer’s endeavor to minimize the bot usage on their raffles. So in the end private proxies designed specifically for bot users are a necessary addition for a successful sneaker raffle.


Raffle bots are one step ahead of your regular sneaker bot. They provide more opportunities for coping with the raffle game and the possibility of obtaining the last pair online of that limited-edition footwear. If you are considering trying one of these bots, don’t forget to test in advance, check online for all the updates and feedback and pick the one which suits your needs best. Good luck!