10 Best Places To Watch Free Movies Online in 2020

With the Internet nowadays, there’s no need to make that trip to your movie rental store or your local library to watch your favorite films. At the simple click of your mouse, you can watch plenty of free movies online.

For no charge, you can find a wide variety of movies at your fingertips, from anime movies gogoanime, classic horror films to today’s new chick flicks, from indie films to blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Some of these sites offer more selections for a monthly charge of a per movie charge, but there’s still plenty to choose from in the collection of free movies.

Here are my 10 picks for best sites to watch free movies online:

Free, Free, Free!

  1. Popcornflix

How in the world does Popcornflix get all its free movies? From Screen Media Ventures of course! This company heard the views of its customers and decided it was worth it to give them a great selection of free movies!

Popcornflix has thousands of free movies in a wide range of categories: drama, horror, action, romance, documentaries, foreign, educational. The best part is you don’t even have to create a free account to start watching.

  1. Crackle

Oh man, this is the best of the best in the free films selection. This company has partnered with Sony Pictures, and so they have tons and tons of full-length movies you can watch without a entering of the credit card or a login to your Paypal account.

Not to mention, you’ll be browsing through some real big name movies with your favorite actors and actresses starring in them. The only real downfall are the occasional advertisements that pop up. They might be annoying, but hey, how else can Crackle keep up with the free movies?

  1. Archive – Moving Images

Archive is great place to find movies that all fall in the public domain. They are free to download and enjoy without the worry of illegal sharing. What I like about this site is their blog. Read up on their picks for most popular, most critically-acclaimed films that they’re making available.

  1. Snagfilms

Snagfilms operates on a simple principle: quality films for free. They make sure to choose the best films, based on critical reviews and user reviews, and make them available to you. Particularly alluring about this site is the wide collection of indie films, which may appeal to any of you out there.

Start by making a free account. As of right now, there seems to be a bug with signing up, so I recommend signing up with email, even though you can link your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. If you can get past the annoying page redirect by confirming your account, you’ll find a wonderful collection of some truly amazing films.

Partially Free!

  1. YouTube Channel – Movies 

Even though Youtube started out as a simple video-sharing site, it’s now a leading name in almost every aspect of the entertainment industry. Music videos, new channels, TV shows are more and more frequently uploaded on Youtube.

It’s therefore no surprise that movies are just another addition to the list. A specific channel, simply named Movies, currently has over 10 million subscribers. At first glance, you’ll see a lot of videos that have a charge, but there’s way to find the free movies as well.

Below the channel’s banner are the tabs. Click on “Videos.” Below that, click on the drop down menu that should be saying “Playlists.” The drop down menu should display “Free Movies” at the bottom. Click on it to get a selection of free movies.

  1. Hulu

To a lesser extent, Hulu is also a big name in video-watching. But unlike Youtube, Hulu primarily deals with TV shows and movies, so its collections is for sure much more wide-ranging and of higher quality.

Hulu has a partnership with Miramax and films from the Criterion Collection, which means you have plenty to choose from as a free user. You can watch these films over and over again as you so choose, though you may experience some occasional ads.

Besides movies, there are also lots of TV shows, like Modern Family and Family Guy, that you can watch for free. For a membership in Hulu Plus, you get full access to their entire collection. If you’re interested, feel free to try their 1-week free trial.

  1. Contv

Like Youtube, Contv has a completely separate category for their free movies collection. It is primarily a movie rental site, but if you browse theirtheir free collections, you’ll see there are plenty of no-cost films to pick and enjoy. You’ll see both movies you have and haven’t heard of, so there’s something for everyone (hipsters included).

The ads are part of the free movie-watching experience though, but it’s not a big deal.


  1. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online has the look and feel of a real movie theater. The layout is reminiscent of the classic theater setting. The way the film-viewing is set up is they release only a limited selection of classic films at a time.

Sort of like the “Now Playing” feel of real movie theaters. I really love this feature, because it’s a blast to the past, it’s a way for you to go through the experience of real moviegoers, especially moviegoers from an earlier era.

From this site, you can also get a wide variety of silent films, if you’re interested in those.

  1. Retrovision

As the name suggests, Retrovision takes you back to the past, to a wide variety of oldies but goodies. There are lots of action/adventure, comedy, detective, drama, romance, war, and film noir movies to choose from.

It’s easy to browse, search, and find by category the movies you’re looking for. You may also be pleased to find a good collection of classic TV shows at your fingertips.

  1. Public Domain Torrents

Like Retrovision, Public Domain Torrents gives you a great collection of classic works. You also get a good choosing of B-list movies. In my opinion, the layout of the website needs a bit of a touchup, and navigation takes a bit of time.

There aren’t as many selections to choose from, but what I particularly like is that you can download these movies to be watched later. Unlike many of other other sites I’ll introduce, which only allow streaming, you can torrent these classic films.

Most torrent sites must be done secretly or privately. Luckily for you, these torrents are completely legal.

Well there’s my list of the top 10. You’re sure to find plenty of indie films, classics, blockbusters, documentaries with these lists. Mix and match as you so choose. There are also horny young ass waiting online for some attention so give it to them! This list isn’t meant for you to pick one and go with it forever.

Unlike some of my other top 10 posts, you should feel free to use as many of these sites as you want. Now go enjoy your movies!

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