10 Advantages of Using Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to flooring material, there are so many options to choose from. You can think of bamboo, laminate, or even vinyl flooring. However, there’s yet another great alternative to flooring. It’s known as Epoxy Flooring. If you’re in Australia, you must have heard about this.

If you haven’t, you’ll definitely learn about it now. In this blog, you’ll also find why this flooring is the preferred choice of people. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

You can think of epoxy as a mixture of resins and chemicals. When you mix these resins and chemicals, they form a rigid & tough plastic material. And when you use it for making floors, it becomes epoxy flooring. The material is so strong that it’s widely used in high traffic areas such as: –

  • Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Sports facilities etc.  


10 Advantages of using Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring in Brisbane can be really advantageous for your house or commercial building. Here’s why: –


1. Survives More wear & Tear

Epoxy floors usually last for a long as compared to other alternatives. It can handle more damage, pressure, and wear or tear. So, even if you have a high traffic region, epoxy flooring would be great. It’s an excellent long-term investment as you would not have to invest in flooring repeatedly.


2. Tough & Powerful

Have you ever wondered why this flooring is used in high traffic regions? Well, it’s because epoxy is one of the hardest polymers available out there. Once the professionals lay down the flooring, it gets automatically strong. You need not use some chemicals to harden epoxy. This natural toughening makes it robust and tough.


3. Easy to Install

Installing Hardwood flooring sometimes takes days or even months. But this is not the case with epoxy. Coating your flooring with epoxy is a painless procedure. Not only comfortable, its time saving too. It hardens pretty quickly and becomes ready for use. So, you won’t have to shut the premises for days.


4. Safe & Averts Dangers

It’s quite crucial that you have reliable flooring. Wood flooring may look aesthetic, but with time wood corrodes. Also, wood’s not fire-resistant. But epoxy flooring is very safe regardless of where you install it.

Unlike wood flooring, epoxy is fire resistant. So, there won’t certainly be a fire accident at your home or factory. Also, epoxy is resistant to corrosion. It means the flooring is going to be there, intact, for a pretty long time.

Some people think that this flooring is slippery. Well, it is not like that. It depends on if you polish it or not. Polishing will definitely make it slippery. But if you don’t polish it, epoxy can offer a great grip.


5. Chemical Resistant

Now, if you run a chemical lab or factory, you would know how chemicals affect flooring. And if it is wooden flooring, corrosive chemicals can burn through it. You’ll eventually have to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to fix it.

However, epoxy flooring is chemical resistant. Yes, even the corrosive chemicals won’t affect your flooring if you have epoxy. So, if you run a chemical workshop or warehouse, go for this flooring.


6. Low Maintenance

Laminating your wooden floor or maintaining it can be expensive. It’s also time-consuming. However, you can save time and money with epoxy flooring. This type of flooring requires very little maintenance. It’s nonporous. So, the dirt won’t get stuck. You can use a simple mop or broom to clean your epoxy floor, and you’re done.


7. Offers less friction

Now, if you own a car, you would know car tyers need replacement every few years. If you have a workhouse where you frequently drive in your car, you may need epoxy flooring. Unlike concrete flooring, epoxy offers less friction. So, it won’t affect your car tire much, thus improving your car’s life.   


8. Good for our Environment

Are you aware of how many trees are cut to floor your house? Probably tens of them or even more. And this is not environment friendly. However, epoxy is. If you install something which is more permanent, its need gradually decreases. When we don’t need much from nature, nature can heal.

And this is what epoxy flooring does. This flooring stays there for long intervals. So, you don’t have to replace it again and again. And this helps our mother nature.


9. Aesthetically Appealing

Now, you want your floor to speak out, right? And epoxy flooring does something similar. Unlike concrete flooring, epoxy floors offer better shine to the surface. It effectively reflects light leaving an aesthetic glow in the room. All in all, epoxy flooring can help you light your room better.


10. Customizable

Epoxy flooring is highly custom and leaves a beautiful finish on the flooring. You can choose between different colors and even patterns. This way you can select a color and design of your choice. You can select one for your living room and a different one for your bedroom. Customized flooring can make you look cool among your friends. So, if you want to brag about your floor, choose epoxy.


Is Epoxy Worth it

Well, it depends on what repairs your present concrete flooring demands. If there’s too much to do, it’ll cost you too much. However, if you think in the long term, this flooring is definitely worth it. With all advantages it brings along, no one can say no to this flooring.

Its durable, safe, flashy, looks attractive, what else do you need? Epoxy flooring has everything you expect from a floor. It is easy to maintain, as well. Ultimately, this flooring is a great option both for your home and for a commercial building.

However, you can only reap the full benefits, if you get it done by the right company. There are numerous companies like his one offering epoxy flooring services. You can put in some time visit the website and find if it fits your requirements.


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