ZOOT Scam Zoo Token, or a secret diamond for Binance Smart Chain?

Zoo Token, or ZOOT, was dispatched in May 2020 as an Ethereum token. The Original idea, delivered by Maverick Jang on the Zoo Token website, was to make a prediction betting platform for the deluge of animal based tokens that we noticed spring up in April and May of this year.
In an ocean of alt coins – the term used to portray digital money other than Bitcoin, Ethereum or other industry pioneers – ZOOT figured out how to snatch hold rapidly with almost 10 thousand holders within the first fourteen days.

As alt season slowed during June, rather than hanging tight with the normal back and forth movement of alt seasons, the new admins within the ZOOT group began searching for alternate ways to expand the value of their recently obtained admin wallets. It is significant that most alt coin projects keep a level of tokens for circulation among colleagues, it is a standard practice to normally hold 1-3%, on account of ZOOT the administrator group kept 5% of the stock.

The answer the marketing team found to increase their wallets worth was not to do what other Ethereum coins were doing, hang tight for Ethereum 2.0 and another alt season. Their decision was to make an altogether new token on the Binance Smart Chain BSC to target a new market and fill their pockets with cash from new financial backers. All while hijacking off the previous success of Ethereum based ZOOT.

There has been issues, that can only be depicted as all out war, going on inside the ZOOT Telegram and Discord, as existing financial backers attempt to ask the original creators of ZOOT for specialized clarification about what a trade to Binance Smart Chain BSC would mean for their current holdings on the Ethereum based token. There was mass turmoil brought about by the marketing group circulating their own variant of a medium article that was opposing to data straightforwardly provided from the developers.

It is apparent the development group and the marketing groups are two separate groups of people working in inverse ways; the development group being that which includes the first individuals who made ZOOT and then the marketing group who have been come onboard later and who control and manipulate the movement of information between ZOOT holders and the Developers.

So, is ZOOT the Scam Zoo Token or a secret diamond for Binance Smart Chain? For shrewd financial backers that answer is always, do your own due diligence, particularly before purchasing the truly shady ZOOT on the Binance Smart Chain BSC.
For those new to crypto, on the off chance that you would prefer not to lose your cash it is probably best to try not to purchase ZOOT until a real advantage of the Binance Smart Chain BSC for ZOOT has been demonstrated.