Successful Zoho Email Download Methods for 2020 – Top 2 Techniques

Hi to all Webmail users. Welcome to the new year 2020. Let us start the year with some new and updated techniques that will perform Zoho email download in a safe manner. This will help you save your data from Zoho CRM to local end safely. In addition, you will be able to keep the data in your desired manner with the simple methods described in the article.

Updated Techniques to Export Data from Zoho Mail

The data export process from Zoho includes many methods for success. Here we are with some new techniques that will help the users of 2020 to get their data efficiently on the local hard drive. Apart from the new techniques we have some other format for Zoho data backup. Some might be familiar with the Zoho Mail Offline Update. If not, go below and know about the new upgrade of Zoho email download process.

Latest Update of Zoho: Zoho Mail Offline

The latest update of Zoho CRM Mail allows to save emails of Zoho mail locally. You have the option to choose the time interval of emails saved offline to access and compose further. The emails ranging from at most 30 days before the process will only be saved offline.

For this, you have to enable the Offline mode of Zoho Mail. This could be done through the following process

  1. Login to Zoho Mail.

  2. Go to Mail Settings and navigate to Offline Setting.

  3. Turn ON the Enable Offline mode option.

  4. Select the Day limit to save the emails in offline mode. (max 30 days)

  5. Opt. for Include attachments to download Zoho attachments.

  6. Choose for option: Retain previous 30 days offline data in this browser.

This is it. Now your data of the past 30 days will be saved at your end even after you have logged off from Zoho mail. It is better if you Bookmark the Zoho mail login page to access the emails when offline.

Basic Zoho Mail Export Process

This is the known process of Zoho mail to export data to local hard drive. In this process all the email folders (default and user defined) are downloaded folder by folder. It means you can process only one folder at a time. The process is easy to perform and the task becomes repetitive when the email folders in number is large.

For the new users of Zoho Mail, try the below process to save your Zoho Mail data in EML format. Zoho Mail creates an EML file for each email. To save your data offline, perform the task shown below

  1. Go to Zoho Settings. Navigate to Import/ Export option.

  2. Under Export section, choose the email folder.

  3. Select the date interval for Zoho email download.

  4. Click on the Export option.

  5. When the archive data is created, Zoho mail email a link to your account. Open the link from email.

  6. Click on the zip file link to download Yahoo mail data to hard drive.

Extract the data from the Zip file to a known location. This will view the EML files for the Zoho Mail. This file is accessible through MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, Apple Mail, etc. This process is efficient enough to save selective data, but does not offer emails download from Archive folder. The archived emails needs to be un-archive to export them to local system.

Another process that offers more efficiency over the Zoho email download process is discussed below. Move down to know more about the process.

Efficiently Export Zoho Mail Data to Hard Drive

SysTools Zoho Mail Backup Tool is one advanced utility to perform the download task. It provides some unique features like Email folder selection with date filtering, Free account storage without data loss, Manage live backup, Zoho email download to multiple file formats, etc. The data transfer is totally safe and secure. For data download to hard drive using this facility, install the application and follow the process stepped below

Steps to Download Zoho Emails to Hard Drive

  1. Run Zoho Backup Application.

  2. Login with Zoho account credential (mandatory).

  3. Select Backup file format.

  4. Browse a location to save Output file.

  5. Click on Start button.


In this article, we have gone through some new updates of Zoho Mail export process. Find the latest update of Zoho email download and know about Zoho mail offline. In addition, get in touch with the prominent methods to download data from Zoho mail to local hard drive.

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