Ziya Aliyev, MD Of Boxing Stars Management Wants Azerbaijan Boxers To Be The Best In The World

Ziya Aliyev


A good management is very important for the success of a company. The same applies in th field of sports. When the management handling a country’s particular sport is great, the results will be outstanding. After all, it’s important to keep a track on the needs of the players, what changes they want, changes that can be brought in the working structure, public reputation etc. When Ziya Aliyev was appointed as the Managing Director Of Boxing Stars Management in Azerbaijan, he decided he will keep all this things in mind.

Ziya made sure anything that’s required for the popularity and growth of boxing community in the country gets implemented. He personally became a part of strategies that were set up for the boxers, their training, promotions, brand collaborations, organising matches etc.

As an MD, he is a force to reckon with. A lot of international boxers who are world champion had Ziya Aliyev managing them. Some of them are 2016’s Olympic gold medalist Daniyar Yeleusinov from Kazakhstan, two time Olympic bronze medalist Ivan Dychko and three-time world champion, Magomedrasul Majidov.

Along with being the Managing Director of Boxing Stars Management, Ziya Aliyev is also the Vice President of the Azerbaijan Professional Boxing Federation. As the MD and VP, he makes sure to give generous amount of contribution to local and national level boxing matches that are held.

Ziya Aliyev says, “There are a lot of great boxers in Azerbaijan. If I can help them with a hope that they are great and should continue with their boxing, it will not only raise their spirits with Azerbaijan will have the best boxers in the world. After all, it’s my wish to put out country at top on the global map of boxing.”