Yowie Story Books: How to Teach Kids About Endangered Animals


Honestly, encouraging children to learn new things is not easy. If they lose interest, it becomes more challenging to boost their confidence. So, there are educational resources like Yowie Story Books that provide kids with a fun way to learn.

What Exactly are Yowie Story Books

As the name suggests, these are story books for children. However, what makes them extraordinary educational resources is that they help teach kids about endangered animals and their habitats.

The idea behind these story books is to educate kids through exciting stories. For example, there are different animal characters in these books who make readers aware of their habitats and provide them with reasons to protect these animals and their habitats.

What to Expect in Yowie Story Books

Yowie is an Australian word which means ‘hairy people’. The story books are filled with a number of hairy animal characters – Rumble, Crag, Squish, Nap, Boof, and Ditty. All of them are on a mission to protect a different habitat and other animals that live there.

As per the books’ storyline, Rumble and other gang members were first spotted in Australia in the 1990s by some rangers.

The gang is known as the Yowie and all the members live in Yowasis. Although they are peaceful and loving animals, they all come together whenever there’s a need to protect their habitats.

Different gang members have unique missions.

  • Rumble

Also known as the ‘guardian of the plains and desert’, Rumble is cousin of the red kangaroo. He is also the leader of the Yowie gang. Rumble is a tough and tumble kangaroo with a tough bark. However, he is a sweet animal with a heart of gold.

  • Squish

Associated with water, Squish is a platypus duck who is the guardian of the waterways. Her objective is to look after rivers and streams.

When it comes to nature, Squish is playful and bubbly. She is always energetic and happy.

  • Crag

The next gang member is crag – a part crocodile. Also known as the ‘guardian of the Marshlands and backwaters, Crag is the meanest-looking Yowie gang member. However, behind that crocodile smile, there is a kind and courageous animal who goes the extra mile to protect his habitat.

  • Nap

In the Yowie Story Books, Nap is a mix of an owl and kookaburra. Her habitat is the top of a tree, and she is on a mission to protect the treetops.

Nap is a wise Yowie gang member who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting her habitat.

  • Boof

Popularly known as the ‘guardian of the mountains and rainforests’, Boof is part bandicoot who chases flies-like creatures. This Yowie member’s habitat is a deep bottlebrush root. However, Boof is always ready when it is about protecting rainforests and mountains.

  • Ditty

The last character in the Yowie Books is Ditty, who is a wombat-like creature. He is a poet on a mission to protect meadows and woodlands. Ditty is a little dramatic and loves to spend time with his cousin. However, he is determined to protect his habitats at all costs.

These are the main characters of the story books who have their unique missions to protect their habitats.

Where to Get Yowie Story Books

If you are thinking of buying Yowie Story Books for children, then look for a reliable online store that offers you all the books in the highest quality. Learn all about the offered books and get them to teach your children about Yowies and their worlds.