YouTuber Feature: bestdressed on Fashion and Lifestyle

Lately this quarantine, I have fallen into the blackhole of YouTube. I know you know how this dark pit works. First, you watch a video and then you get recommended with another similar video and soon enough the YouTube algorithm would not let you escape and it takes a lot of willpower to close the app and tell yourself that you have watched too many already. YouTubers are getting so popular that they are holding their own events now, and we cover all of that in our section of Bay area events

At one point, I was even watching a Harvard Law School video titled “Ames Moot Court Competition 2019” which was an hour and 24 minutes long but I didn’t mind listening through it even though I did not understand 90 percent of what I heard. Based on the comments section, I wasn’t the only one.

But perhaps my most treasured find this quarantine was fashion youtuber named Ashley or more commonly known as bestdressed

I came into the bestdressed “family” at 3.57 million subscribers’ mark and my first encounter with this channel was through her LA apartment makeover. Soon enough, I found myself binge watching her videos every writing break. She also became my inspiration and guide in writing fashion articles as I watched through her lookbooks, clothing hauls, and thrift flips (my favorite content on her channel). 

But if you don’t have much time on your hands as you’re breezing (and wheezing) through zoom meetings with literally just minutes in gaps, I suggest you visit The San Francisco Times at for your dose of fashion with articles on wardrobe staples, fashion items that rake in the compliments (you are definitely clicking on this one, I know), and list of women with ridiculously good style which will only take you a couple of minutes to read and you could go on your day. 

But if you do, then let me walk you through my favorite youtube channel. (Boy, was that the best transition? I feel like Ashley pitching in a promo in between her videos)

First off, I would like you to meet her apartment tours and makeovers. 

Judging by the number of views, you would know how big her reach is and how many people enjoyed her content the way that I did. In this makeover series, she takes us on the journey of how she transforms her place into something very aesthetic and at the same time functional and organized. But the charm of these videos is the step-by-step process and the level of involvement that she tries to give her viewers. I also appreciated the fact that she also takes time to do a bit of instruction on how she works on things. 

Speaking of makeovers, Ashley also has an unhealthy addiction to plants and if you’d wanna know more about those you would want to check out The San Francisco Times’ article on The 10 Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Home Decor. And while you’re there, explore a bit on their lifestyle section because they have a lot to offer readers like you!

Second is my favorite part of her channel which is thrifting. 

I have always been a fan of thrifting especially because I am very pro-sustainability and as Ashley said “because buying new clothes is expensive man”. What I loved about this series is first, the hauls. Not only were her hauls like treasures from a chest box dumped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean owned by some royalty who didn’t care much when it drowned, she also lets her viewers in on the magic of her hauls — how she thrifts and some tips here and there. There’s also the part where she shows us how she styles her thrifted clothes. And lastly are her thrift flips where she turns ugly (but with potential) thrifts into more stylish pieces. This is the part which I absolutely love because it was very relatable on how she struggles to alter her thrifts into fits and how the final outcome looks. 

Lastly is her Chatty videos which basically touch on topics that I don’t really find on most youtubers. 

In this series, I have literally found a sister in her as she talks about assumptions, breakups, and one of the most “not talked about” topic on youtube which is sex. These videos are generally just Ashley spilling her thoughts out, unscrambling the words inside her head, and lets us in on some of her views in life. Her courage to take on these topics made her very relatable and authentic.

Honestly, nowadays, when I browse through youtube, all I see are couple pranks or toxic family channels or people who just go with the flow of trends for the views and not bother making content that is original or creative. (Honestly, it baffles me how they get views but I guess people do love content like that. To each their own.)

So if you’re looking for a fashion channel to subscribe to, click on bestdressed. But if you are more of a reader type, then go ahead and indulge on The San Francisco Times.