Your Reliable Guide to SAP Business One Cloud Hosting

The never ending benefits of SAP Business One cloud ERP solutions are not hidden from anyone. This unique product created by SAP especially for small to midsize businesses has all the power and potential to transform and reinvent the conventional business processes digitally and help leaders to grow and embark on the journey of success.

SAP Business One Cloud ERP – Introduction

SAP Business One Cloud ERP delivers powerful business management functionality in a safe cloud environment while freeing you from all kinds of troubles of maintaining the servers, infrastructure conditions, back-ups, etc. Everything from hosting to maintaining the software to upgrades is handled on cloud by your trusted SAP Business One Cloud Hosting Partner. 

Also, the important and efficient features of SAP Business One Cloud ERP render the end-to-end management of the organization, without needing any other software for different departmental needs. As, it’s the suit-in-a-box solution, it handles all the necessary business functions itself. The key business functions include:

  1. Accounting and Finance: Streamlines all banking, accounting and daily financial tasks
  2. Sales and CRM: Manages the sales operations along with maintaining the complete lifecycle of the customers from the initial point of contact to final delivery to support.
  3. Inventory and distribution: Manages the complete inventory records along with rendering the real-time information on outbound and inbound shipment orders.
  4. Purchasing: Maintains end-to-end order to pay cycle while maintaining the complete record of suppliers, orders, invoices and returns.
  5. Project Management: Handles the production orders while keeping up with the bill of materials, MRP and advance planning and scheduling features to complete the projects well on time with greater accuracy and precision.
  6. Reporting: With in-built business intelligence features, it also creates intuitive reports and generates real-time analytics to help leaders make informed decisions. 

Types of SAP Business One Cloud Hosting Services

SAP Business One cloud ER can be hosted via 3 platforms:

  1. Private Cloud: For businesses needing highly customized solutions in a private cloud space owned by them.
  2. Public Cloud: For businesses needing no or minimal customizations of solution in a space that is also shared by other businesses.
  3. SAP Public Cloud (SaaS): For businesses willing to run the standard solution with a subscription based pricing model.

NOTE: For more sensitive business data, private cloud is always recommended.

SAP Business One Cloud Hosting Partner Traits

Your ideal SAP Business One Cloud hosting partner should be able to provide all the types of hosting services so that you can choose the same as per your requirement and budget. As the software is hosted on cloud, your partner should be able to look after all the IT set up, maintenance, upgrades, disaster recovery, deployment and subscription of the licenses. Make sure that your partner have hands-on experience in implementing the software and offers the services that match your expectations.

SAP Business One Cloud ERP Cost

Purchasing the licenses for the SAP Business One Cloud ERP is easy and transparent as the payment is billed based on the number of users using the platform charged as monthly or annually. So, you can scale up the license as and when you need.

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