Your Perfect Guide To Buying Alloy wheels 

Are you looking forward to accentuating the features of your car? The alloy wheels are the best pieces of adornment you could provide to your car. Alloy wheels were introduced in the market for a better and safe driving experience. Not only do they add on to the outer look of the car but also provide better handling systems due to being lightweight. If you have made up your mind to give your car a renovation, here are a few points you must keep in mind before investing in alloy wheels.

Go for the Quality

It is a well-known fact that quality plays a major role in all commercial industries, whether automotive or daily products. Without entrusting proper brands, we should not go for the products they offer. Similarly, when looking for alloy wheels, go for the branded ones as they might cost more than the regular ones but they are safer and better to use. 


PCD stands for pitch circle diameter and is the measurable distance between the wheel bolts and the axle of the wheel. It is the utmost important aspect to keep in mind when buying alloy wheels. If you do not match the PCD exactly with your car, wheels will not fit properly, causing many problems. 


Offset is the distance between two points on the wheel in the centerline. When the wheels protrude out from the body of the car, it is said to be in a negative offset. So, when buying alloy wheels, keep a good track of the offset the wheels create. A slight negative offset can be tolerated, but extreme negative ones might lead to damages.

Diameter of wheels 

An essential step of upgrading your wheels is getting the right sized tyres. Giving a wrong shot at tyre size can damage your car frame permanently. Avoid wheels that increase the overall diameter of tyres. While purchasing alloy wheels UK, whose width is more than the actual car tyre, decrease the type profile size so that the overall diameter of the tyre remains the same.

A subtle increase is acceptable but a surge of more than 3% could change the odometer readings of the car and also have devastating handling and driving effects. 

Tyre Spacers 

Tyre spacers are essentially used to maintain a distance between the tyres of the vehicle to keep away the alloy from touching the internal components in an automobile. They are generally not believed to be a good concept but are completely safe if installed properly. If you are going for wheel spacers, look after the installing process carefully because the failures of wheel spacers are generally due to instalment issues.

Are you looking for the perfect alloy wheels?

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