Your perfect guide to a Panama hat

As the hotter days of summer approach, there is an inherent need to go cooler. However, finding an ensemble that screams your personality or something that gives life to your boring OOTD could be a Hat! Wardrobes get exchanged with linens, skirts, summer dresses, lightweight shirts, shorts, and so much more.

But, frequently, hats come as an afterthought; unfortunately, they look like one too. A Panama hat is one such accessory that can save your fashion disaster. It enhances any summer look, whether formal or casual, adding a sense of style to your hot days. Further, it not only is a great fashion accessory, but it also protects you from the sun.

Panama hats have been in existence for quite a while, but not many are aware of the different ways to don a Panama hat without looking like someone straight out of a period drama. Below is a guide for you to wear that Panama hat and walk the world like it is your ramp!

Choosing the correct Panama hat

Only recently, Hats made a comeback. And even fewer men have worn it since. However, back in the 19th century, hats were essential, look that completed an attire. Straw Panama’s have been a part of most men’s summer and spring collections as it rises to popularity. Panama, the men’s brim hat adds style and an edge to the outfit.

Time-honored Panama comes as a fedora hat, with a crown sporting a dent upfront at the center. It does come out of toquilla straw, which is cream in color and has a wide brim. However, Panama hats come in different styles and require careful selection to suit a particular face and personality.

The best hat expert would recommend a style that will suit you best and suggest the best quality and color that helps you make your mark. You can choose any Panama hat according to the occasion. You can opt for classic bleached ribbon combination hats or one sporting the natural color of the straw.

Wear Panama hats like a pro

One must understand that different things suit different people. All sorts of hats cannot compliment all kinds of face shapes and sizes. Large brims are more suitable for prominent men with a rounder face shape, while smaller brims compliment men with small statures.

Further, light-colored hats with narrow bands are more suitable for square or round faces, making the cap seem taller and giving an illusion of a more extended look. It is best to provide a few styles to know what suits your face the best, and you can get comfortable with it.

Classic is not always the answer

If you want to avoid looking like a drunk maniac, maybe you should let the classic fedora go. Mens brim hat experts recommend styles that boast color, and unconventional shapes, including hats with high crowns and narrow brims. Such colorful and quirky headgear offers a fresh look, considering its unconventional designs.

The classic Panama hat comes with a wide brim and black ribbon over its natural color. However, with such a wide variety of Panama hat shapes and colors, you can choose from anything but the classic!

Quality over everything

The quality cannot get ignored, even if the Panama hats come in variations of colors and shapes. Panama fedoras come in grade levels, ranked according to the weaving fineness. The hat is light and flexible when the weaving is narrow and tighter, but it also takes a lot of time and hard work to get woven compared to other types of weaving; therefore, the costs are high.

Quality hats last longer than most, making them a good investment if you take care of them. The best part of quality hats is convenient storage when traveling.

Let your hat do the talking

Another outstanding feature of Panama hats is that you can pair them and say almost anything and everything. Panama hats have a way of embracing a sophisticated linen suit and also let you complement it with buckskin cream shoes. And it can also look great with casual summer attire; you can don your hat paired with a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

But the way you sport your Panama makes all the difference. Let your hat do the talking. For an old-fashioned look, try wearing flat over your head. Placing your hat tilted can make it look jaunty. And above everything else, keep in mind, confidence is critical. Own the hat!

If it fits well, it goes well

Similar to any other item of your attire, hats need to fit. They look their best when they do your head the best, meaning that the slightest breeze won’t make your hat fly off. However, ensure that hat sits comfortably on your head instead of jamming it in like a glove.

Once you have checked and listed all the main points of the Panama hat guide, you are good to go and rock the show.


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