Your Next 4 Travel Destinations For 2020

Travelling is a great way to see the world, explore new cultures, make lasting memories, and take some time out of our busy schedules to recharge. While traveling is no doubt a luxury, it’s becoming increasingly easier and cheaper for people across the globe to travel. The year may have only just begun but we know work and life can quickly pile up. Get ahead of the game and start planning your next getaway. Whether it’s recreational or relaxing, eye opening or more about the shut eye, we’ve compiled our five favourite picks for 2020. 

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Here are our favorite picks for 2020, from old favorites to new adventures: 


Japan has been and continues to be popular amongst tourists for so many reasons. Every year, throughout the seasons, tourists flock to Japan. From snow-capped mountains to bright Sakura (cherry) blossoms and deep red autumn leaves. The landscape in Japan is sure to put on a show all year round. There is plenty of history to discover too. Japan’s rich cultural background means there are endless history and art museums to fill up your days. Japan is known for its transport system and more so, high speed bullet trains. Visit temples and shrines and enjoy some of the best food the country has to offer. From your favourites like sushi and ramen, to local delicacies like soba noodles, yakitori, and takoyaki. Japan is also hosting the 2020 Olympics. Like we needed another excuse to go there right?! 


Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the friendly nature of its people and beautifully intricate architecture. Resting on the border of Asia and Europe Turkey has its own unique culture. You’ll find a lot of historic landmarks to visit due to the fact that humans have inhabited Turkey for around 25,000 years. See the historical impact of multiple monarchies like the Hittites, Hellens, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans, and how their society is today. Enjoy the beautiful architecture, friendly locals, and a Trukish Tea.


Switzerland is known for some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. Switzerland is also well known for its people and culture being very progressive, polite, and positive. While Switzerland is smaller than many of the big ticket European countries, it certainly isn’t lacking. From beautiful lakes that look too perfect to be real and mountains that look just like the paintings (if not better).  


Pakistan is one of the most underrated locations in the world due to media misconceptions. If you’re looking for a travel destination that is different from the usual Pakistan is perfect. It’s a land of diverse culture and landscape, from mountain ranges to desert terrains, and iconic beaches, Pakistan has plenty of beautiful tourist attractions. Visitors can taste a variety of iconic foods across Pakistan from the Famous Biryani, Chargha, Charsi Tikka, and a lot of modern western foods with a Pakistani touch. You can also find a number of historical landmarks like Mohenjodaro and Haddapa ruins.