Your need-to-know guide to the most romantic hair colours

Are redheads all fiery-tempered vixens? Do blondes really have more fun? As Valentine’s Day approaches, what does your hair colour say about you – and which colour can you change it to if you want to max out on the romance this year?

What is the world’s most attractive hair colour?

Dating network Badoo crunched some numbers to find out precisely this. Using data from 31 countries, they identified brown/black as the most attractive hair colour. The figures showed that 70% of men and 34% of women with black or brown hair were most likely to be engaged by someone of the opposite sex.

The finding is perhaps unsurprising, given that the majority of the world’s population boasts brown or black hair. Blondes meanwhile, account for just 16% of global natural hair colour and redheads just 2%. The survey results ranked them in that order – blonde as the second most attractive hair colour and red as the third.

What does your hair colour say about you?

Moving beyond initial perceptions of attractiveness, what does your hair colour reveal about your personality? Or rather, what assumptions will people make about you based on your choice of colour?

Probably the most recognised expression relating to hair colour is that blondes have more fun. The phrase apparently originated from Clairol back in the 1950s, as part of an ad campaign to promote salon colour. It caught on to the point that various studies have now shown that people consider those with blonde hair to be more fun and more confident than those with other hair colours. That’s some powerful advertising.

In fact, blonde hair can create a more youthful appearance and can make the hair appear thicker, so if you’re looking to upgrade your hair colour this Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely an option to consider.

Of course, on the flip side, there’s also the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype. If that’s something you want to avoid then perhaps red hair could be your colour of choice? Redheads are perceived to be fiery, seductive people with plenty of passion. However, while this certainly sounds appropriate for Valentine’s Day, it’s worth considering that they are also thought to have explosive tempers.

So, perhaps brown should be your colour of choice for your Valentine’s Day hair. Brunettes are often viewed as serious and hardworking. While these aren’t the most fun or exciting characteristics, they are also see as loyal and committed – both promising traits for long-term relationships.

Black hair, meanwhile, carries with it associations of mysterious depths and melancholic spirituality. If you’re looking to create an air of serious elegance, this could be the colour for you.

And then there are blue, pink, silver, green and a whole host of other colours that you can mix and match to show what an interesting and playful personality you have!

Of course, in reality people with all hair colours have very different personality types. The colour of your hair does not dictate your behaviour, your character, your level of intelligence or anything else. However, it does impact the assumptions that many people will make about all of those aspects of you. Something to bear in mind before you reach for the colouring kit this Valentine’s Day!

How to achieve the perfect hair colour

The team at All Things Hair recently found that 54.83% of people normally get a haircut before a first date. But why stop there if you want to achieve the most alluring style? Home colouring has never been easier nor, given the restrictions of the pandemic, more popular.

If you’re planning to colour your hair at home, make sure you do a strand test first. They don’t print this in the instructions just for fun! Next, make sure you have the right kit to hand – multiple mirrors, gloves, a colouring brush and bowl, a shower cap to prevent drips while the colour sets and hair clips so that you can colour your hair section by section.

Get all of this ready in advance, then simply follow the instructions on the box to achieve the perfect hair colour. Of course, if your local Covid-related restrictions permit it, you could always just head to the salon and let the professionals handle it! This is certainly recommended if you plan to stray beyond three shades away from your natural colour.

How to look after coloured hair

You’ll need to think about how to care for your coloured hair, as well as how to dye it in the first place. Colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners are key to this and there are plenty of affordable products on the market. No matter which colour you’ve opted for, you can find a shampoo to protect and enhance it.

Interestingly, speaking of affordable products, the All Things Hair team recently looked into how much people spend on their haircare before a date. 46.97% of people reported spending $0-$40, while 40.61% spent $50-$100. That’s plenty of budget for a box of hair dye and a colour protecting shampoo.

Sadly, the real enemy of coloured hair is water. This is far from ideal, given it’s always good to have clean hair! If you want to do all you can to preserve your new colour, it’s worth trialling a dry shampoo to keep your roots fresh. Even if this buys you an extra day between washes, you’ll enjoy more vibrant colour for longer as a result.

Of course, many women aren’t only focusing on their own appearance as Valentine’s Day approaches; some 85.4% of women feel that it’s important that their date look like they have spent time on their appearance, according to All Thing’s Hair’s research. That means they will be expecting their dates to be beautifully groomed for the most romantic day of the year, whether they’re dating in person or over Zoom.

So, no matter who you’re dating and how you’ll be seeing them this Valentine’s Day, be sure to take your hair colour seriously before the big day!