Your Guide To Saving Money On Your Move

Unless you are a dedicated minimalistic, moving is a daunting process, particularly if you move on a shoestring budget. Moving expenses add up fast, mainly when you include the cost of professional movers, housing deposits, rented trucks, and miscellaneous fees.

However, don’t conclude that hiring a professional moving service is more expensive than moving yourself. While renting a truck may be relatively cheap, other costs can make your DIY move more expensive than hiring a professional mover. This article will look at ways to save money on your move.


Besides spending huge amounts, you can still make money while moving. Identify all valuable things that no longer strike happiness in your life. If you rarely use these items, they are not worth the cost, time, and headache to move. Sell these items and use the cash to cater for moving expenses.

Although you may have developed a sense of attachment to these items, some decisions are less easy to make than others. For instance, it is less easy to sell a television you no longer use than a piano you grew up playing on. Once you have identified all the items you no longer use, plan how to get rid of them and ensure to make the most money from their sale.

Liaise with Local Businesses for Boxes

If you are inclined to a DIY move, liaise with local businesses for packing boxes. Check your local wine retailer for special boxes that are ideal for packing mugs and glasses. Additionally, bookstores and electronic stores have sturdy boxes suitable for hauling heavy items such as clothes and kitchen appliances.

Check the Cost of Shipping Your Belongings

If you are traveling a long distance and moving less stuff, it might be more cost-effective to ship your valuables. Use an online calculator to check the cost of shipping your belongings to determine if it’s better to rent a truck or send your stuff by mail.

Get Quotes from Several Moving Companies

Some moving companies offer discounted prices to attract clients due to heightened competition in the market. Therefore, you can get a good deal from a company seeking to attract movers.

Although you are looking to save money on your move, don’t sideline other factors. Sometimes you have to prioritize quality over cost. It is not reasonable to hire the lowest cost service with a history of handling things carelessly. There are multiple ways to verify the quality of services a professional mover offers, including reaching previous customers and checking online reviews and ratings. Do your research to get a competitive price while not compromising quality.

Move During Low Season

Numerous people move during the summer. Additionally, movers are usually busy on the weekends and at the beginning and end of every month. If possible, move during weekdays and mid-month to enjoy a reduced price.

Ask Your Friends for Help

Friends can be of great benefit when moving. They can help you pack and carry boxes from the house to the truck. All you need is to take them for treats after completing the job.

However, asking friends for help has potential challenges. They might be less hardworking or punctual on a moving day. Figure out the kinds of friends you will call out for help to avoid disappointments.

Inform Utility Providers About Your Move

Inform the utility providers of where you are moving out to avoid paying for an extra month. Ensure that the internet and garbage service end right as you move out.

The secret to saving money on your move is planning ahead. Start with preparing a moving checklist and handling one task a day at a time.