Your Guide to Choosing a Serviced Office

We live in an era where office spaces are in abundance, not just in quantity but also in their types. Though coworking spaces are the newest innovation in this field, flexible working space is not a recent invention. Before there were coworking spaces, serviced offices existed – and in Australia, they’ve been around since the 1970s.

Although nowadays, the line between a serviced office and a coworking space is somewhat blurry, there are still some differences between the two. And if you’re thinking of operating a business from a serviced office, you should read up on this guide to learn more about what to expect and consider before deciding which serviced office to choose.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office is a type of flexible office arrangement that usually comes in the form of private working areas or rooms. Traditionally, unlike coworking spaces, serviced offices tend to be designed for professionals who require a personal space to work, separated from others. These days, however, many serviced offices provide both options – a shared office area where visitors can collaborate with each other and private office spaces for those who prefer them.

One notable highlight about serviced offices is that their basic plans usually include phone answering and mail-handling services, which in coworking spaces tend to be offered for premium plans. However, very few serviced offices have community-oriented events like coworking spaces.

What kind of facilities and amenities are usually available at serviced offices?

There is a wide variety of facilities and amenities on offer in serviced offices. At its most basic, a serviced office usually come equipped with:

  • Dedicated private office spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Unlimited internet connection
  • Phone answering service
  • Free flow tea and coffee
  • Printers, copiers, and scanners

Each serviced office has a different array of amenities and facilities. In LaunchPad, for example, our serviced office tenants can access unique shared facilities such as recording studios, shower rooms, and dedicated teleconference rooms. Serviced offices with bigger spaces may also offer event spaces that can accommodate more than 100 people.

What are the benefits of using a serviced office?

In general, serviced offices are more convenient to use than normal offices. They come equipped with office furniture and supplies and often provide additional services such as dedicated receptionist and free meeting room usage. Since they are ready-for-use, serviced offices can be a cheaper option than leasing normal offices.

For businesses that require flexibility in their office space, serviced offices can be an attractive option. They generally don’t need a long lease, although some may still ask for a deposit up-front and a notice period before leaving. Serviced offices are also usually located in central business districts, which make them easier to access for you and your team, as well as your customers.

What kind of businesses should operate from a serviced office?

There are many types of businesses that can take advantage of what serviced offices have to offer. They may be suitable for established businesses that need to operate from specific locations for a period of time. Many serviced offices have plans that allow their customers to use their facilities in any of their available branches. For some serviced offices, these branches can span multiple cities or even countries. They can be a good option for highly mobile teams operating in various regions, who may need the amenities and facilities that a serviced office can offer while on the go. If you’re looking for a co-working space in Orlando for your business, give Execu-Suites a call.

Businesses that are scaling up may also be well-suited to operating from serviced offices. These places tend to offer more private spaces and come equipped with dedicated facilities for your business. If you’re looking for no-hassle private office space, a serviced office can be a great alternative to shared office spaces that are commonly offered in coworking spaces.

When it comes to choosing the right serviced office space, there are several points to consider. Most notably, how often you’ll be using them is one factor you should decide on before making any long-term commitments. Serviced offices are more flexible than traditional office spaces, but whether what they have to offer is suitable for what you’re looking for depends entirely on how you run your business.


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