The world is one big data problem”, having said that- it calls for urgent inferences relating to the business world and the ways to scale responses for the greater good. Data has been evolving since we hit the technology age with raging computer sciences and artificial intelligence. No doubt, we’re better off in a gazillion of ways than before; there’s a lot of scope for furthering this growth trajectory. With the rise of data, the world has experienced an expansion in a variety of roles that assist in making sense of the Big Data for corporates.

Data scientists. data engineers, data analysts, and many other data science professionals are the backbone of the data industry worldwide. By the year 2025, 200+ zettabytes of data will be in cloud storage around the globe. One of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram showcases a score of over 91% of users engaging with the brand videos. By the end of this year, 70% of the global GDP will have undergone digitization. Looking at such big numbers, this clearly hits the bar right with a bang!

Such huge revelations call for some meaty core data science professional roles; that cater to the minutest of the needs of the global industry. Talking about the data engineers’ role, it shouldn’t be an epiphany to mention that they are at the top of the international charts of demand. Their scope and responsibilities go beyond being just another candidate in the room. They make a huge impact on the way data is viewed and envisioned over a longer period.

Certified Data scientists are the rage in today’s digitized world, which races against times. If forecasts are to be believed, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; the mathematician and statistician roles such as that of the data scientists are sure to experience a surge of 36% between 2021-31. Isn’t that enough reason to dive into the field of data sciences with an aptly strong portfolio, leveled up with core data science certifications around the world? Some of the best data science certifications for data engineers are being provided by MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, USDSI™, CalTech, etc.

Let us understand what the role of a data engineer is all about and how you can be the one making the most of this opportunity:


A specialized data engineer procures data from numerous resources and converts the same followed by building and managing systems that generate data. They make data viable by writing complex queries and transforming the procured data for data scientists and analysts to scrutinize. It is a core engineering role in a data science team that requires creating and managing the technological infrastructure of a data problem.


Thinking of beginning your first steps in the field of data engineering but are confused? You can read more at Allow us to take you through the reasons why this field of work is of utmost importance to corporates and giants worldwide. Today, providing easier access to data commands high value and a data engineer does exactly that. As is said, with data comes along a data engineer. Data is meaningless without a skilled data engineer professional. That is the reason this role commands high salary remuneration around the world as well; which makes it an inviting career option for the future. The average highest salary recorded as of May 2022 with Glassdoor shows a whopping USD 168,000 annually. Isn’t that an added advantage to joining the realm? Not only that, but it also offers a diversified data science career trajectory with meaty roles to honor.


Data engineers are generalists, who undertake pipeline-centric data-driven operations. Extracting data, data storage/ transitioning, and data transformation are some of the key roles that a data engineer is levied with. They are also responsible for architectural designing, developing data-related instruments/ instances, data pipeline maintenance, and testing, machine learning algorithm deployment, and managing data and meta-data procedures. Data engineers are responsible for setting up tools to view data, generate reports, and create visuals for an organization requiring business intelligence for analysts and other non-technical users. Adding to the list, monitoring the overall performance and stability of the system is key as long as the warehouse needs to be cleaned at every interval.

Programming langugages (Javascript, Python, Scala, R, etc), SQL mastery, architectural projections, data modeling techniques, data processing and wrangling, data storage, cloud computing, and big data tools form the core of data engineering skills.


  • Get your hands-on University degrees in STEM subjects
  • Attain the best online data science certifications
  • Undergo project-based learning
  • Begin humble and gain expertise over time

Although it is a great idea to earn the most credible data science certification to reign in your data science career; it is equally important to make an informed decision based on the requisite skillset and the career trajectory you envision. Make the most of the opportunity and become a certified data scientist today!

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