Your Go-to-Get Guide to buy hand trucks

Whether you’re moving furniture, equipment, tools, or products, having a hand truck will not only save you time but also help prevent work-related injuries? For decades, warehouse and moving companies have been using hand trucks Melbourne, dollies and platform carts to load and unload items with safe efficiency. They will also help reduce the number of lower back injuries that can result from lifting too much weight.

Hand trucks Sydney come in all shapes and sizes – folding trucks, 2 in 1 convertibles, equipment, and specialty trucks with different wheel configurations. Without the right information, finding the right used truck for your needs can be difficult.This guide will help you find the right truck, dolly or platform cart, whether for small business use or in a larger warehouse setting.There are 3 basic categories of hand trucks – straight, convertible and specialty.

Things to ask when deciding on a hand truck:

Consider your space limitations. Are you limited on space? If yes, then folding truck is the best option. Because it folds up, and takes up less storage space. Non-folding takes up more space when stored.

Consider your load weight. Your choice of truck should be slightly larger than the weight of the load you’re moving. It is better to have more capacity than not enough when choosing a hand truck for your application. If you’re handling very heavy loads, tool hand trucks have ratchet straps and additional supports built into the frame to handle large heavy loads such as refrigerators or washing machines.

Consider your application. The 2-in-1 convertible functions as a dual-use truck by converting from a straight two-wheel hand truck style to a four-wheel platform truck style.Don’t try to push the weight capacity limit, you’ll just have to buy new equipment or worse, get seriously injured.

Dollies as an alternative to hand trucks

Another great option for your moving needs can be to use a dolly.A dolly is another form of moving equipment that makes moving heavy objects much easier.Dollies are usually square/rectangular in shape, with surfaces close to the floor for minimum lifting. They have 4 or more wheels on the bottom, so once an item is placed on the dolly, moving it is as easy as pushing it and letting the wheels do all the work.

Dollies are made from wood, steel, aluminium and plastic, with a number of deck configurations available. The Wood Dolly is designed as an open frame and solid frame. Open frame models may have carpet end padding, rubber end caps, or flush smooth surfaces. The aluminium and steel dolly can move heavy items without issue and with the swivel casters you can manoeuvre in tight quarters.

If you plan on carrying things up and down stairs, the dolly will not work. For stair climbing, a hand truck is the best option as you can better control the load while going up/down the stairs. Some have the option of a stair crawler for added ease of manoeuvring.If you’re moving large items on a flat surface, a dolly would be a good choice.

Remember that a small load is not always a light load. Whether you’re lifting or moving something heavy at home or at work, it’s a good idea to use a hand truck.

Whenever you think something might be too heavy. Don’t hesitate to use a hand truck. If a hand truck isn’t available at your place of work, talk to your employer about getting one. Buying a hand truck will be much less expensive than an injured worker. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry, especially when your health is concerned.