Your Expert Guide to Prepare for an Exterior Home Remodel

An exterior remodeling project is overwhelming for the homeowners and the neighbors. The tasks involved in it are the lengthiest and require most research. If your decisions are well-calculated and executed correctly, there are immense returns you can enjoy during resale. But, if you make any wrong move, your property structure can get negatively impacted, both in terms of appearance and integrity.  

So, make sure that your exterior renovation job just doesn’t start right away. Do proper planning months in advance to help your contractors perform efficiently and finish the project smoothly. By doing that, you ultimately cut down on all inconveniences and save money. If it is your first time carrying out an exterior improvement for your home, the following tips may come in handy –

  1. Do Timely Planning

Any major home remodels task isn’t randomly executed. You need to plan to prevent any delays later. You have to outline your expectations from the project and the time frame when you want it to be completed. For hiring contractors, secure a place in their busy schedule as last-minute bookings might not be possible. Do your research carefully so you don’t end up making wrong decisions or surpassing your budget.  

  • Devise a Budget Range

Your home renovation budget can quickly go out of hand if not thought of realistically. The unplanned costs of building materials, labor, land permits, and decorative finishes can hurt your finances and you may have to spend more than you could have. So, always initiate any remodeling job with clarity on the amount you want to pay. Add 10% reserve over and above to meet the unexpected expenses. Once done, speak to your contractor for cost estimates and match them with your range. Eliminate the elements that are not needed.

  • De-clutter the Work Site

If your renovation project involves some part of landscape planning, you need to cover the rest of the premises and clear off your driveway. If there is any patio furniture, outdoor kitchen grill, lamps, and other fixtures, move them to a separate side. Also, find a safe space to park your vehicles because the scaffolding you will install will probably block your garage entrance. Do all these arrangements timely to provide the workers easy and obstruction-free access.

  • Inform Neighbors

Your exterior renovation is equally bothersome for the people in your street. So, it is always courteous to tell them beforehand, especially if you expect any bulky vehicles or large construction equipment moving in and out. The placement of large dumpsters could be blocking roads, and a heads-up from the ones living in the same locality frees you from unwanted stress and fights.

  • Look for Experienced Contractors

The market is flooded with plenty of contractors but you need someone well-established and experienced in the field to tackle your critical home renovation job. Find an exterior renovation contractor with positive reviews and feedback and handled similar projects like yours in the past. Only with the right kind of people, your work would progress in the right direction.