Young Special Education Students Can Succeed In An Online Learning Environment with the Right Program and Parent Partnership

By Shiva Saravanan

Online coaching is growing as one of the most effective ways to teach children ages 4-8 years, and this method is getting popular worldwide. 

The early years are the developmental years, contributing to their future learning skills. The online mode of instruction has substantially boosted the educational standards of children in their early years.

COVID 19 has created a possibility to deliver learning online even for the youngest learners, and with a good online program, children can thrive virtually. A quality eLearning program that is engaging and focused on the student guarantees that a lesson becomes something more than just knowledge retention. It turns the whole idea of learning into a pleasant, immersive experience. A student’s self-confidence and improved mental wellness equally improve as they would in an in-person classroom—provided the student’s willingness and parent partnership to participate and believe in the program.

Despite the mixed views about the special needs students not thriving in the online environment, evidence proves that young special education students perform much better when they learn from home with the right educational program taught by efficient teachers online. 

Research has also found that quality early learning experiences are critical for children. In particular, students who attend high-quality programs are more likely to graduate from high school and are less likely to be held back. Parents also show interest in these programs as they partner in their child’s development. In this setup, the teacher and parent work together to meet one common goal- supporting the student in the best possible way to help shape them up into a whole child.

Effective partnerships between teachers and parents of students with disabilities go beyond creating a pleasant environment. A strong parent-teacher bond contributes to student success; research has shown.

The extra support the kids receive through this online coaching can be customizable. For example, the students work at their instructional level, alternative assignments that fulfill the learning target, or shortened lessons that stress quality over quantity. Kids can work longer blocks of time to do entire tasks together, or quick check-ins before independent work and instructions can also be modified to the just-right level.

Early learning opportunities teach kids about emotions, making friends, and getting along with other children. With the right program and parent partnership, the essential school-readiness skills like raising a hand to get attention, following directions, and holding crayons can still be taught online.

Golden Daffodils program teachings are individualized based on a child’s ability level. Children have an introduction to math and reading. The lessons are offered as games that teach students basic literacy concepts like learning the alphabet and practicing simple word and letter recognition. We use animated videos to coach social skills. Cognitive development is combined in the lesson through sounds and words that students can match each letter in the alphabet. Each lesson uses a friendly “word” with voice instruction. Students will say each letter’s sound and blend the letters into the simple word “kid.” 

Simple stories presented through digital books, upbeat songs, and colorful characters are used throughout the sessions. Students are also given additional educational games after accomplishing the day’s goals.

The landscape for education is constantly changing, so we must take measures to adapt to the available tools in the best way we can. Online learning is the new standard for now. While we can’t level out the ocean of challenges completely to provide a perfect learning experience in a pandemic, we can figure out ways to ride out the waves together, providing the best educational experience for our students as we possibly can. The only way we will get through this is together.