You won’t believe these are the seven best Chocolate cakes

Well I know this very well because even though I love chocolate cakes like anything and so do you all I mean of course there are exceptions everywhere who don’t like chocolate cake. This article is definitely for you. We use chocolate cake in our daily lives and currently in the lockdown we are definitely willing to try more and more amazing recipes whether it is something like a chocolate cake or maybe something new to cook. Well, baking a chocolate cake might be a difficult task for especially those bakers who are not experienced and I am too one of them. But whether you try making these cakes by yourself or asking your mother and father to bake them for you, these are the seven best chocolate cakes that you can not only try during this lockdown but you can eat them anytime you want even when the lockdown is over. But suppose if you are not willing to bake then online cake delivery in Delhi is available, so you can definitely order one and snuggle up in a blanket during winters or enjoy it at night during summers with a movie. 

The best thing about these chocolate cakes is that we can become a part of any of your functions such as a wedding, funeral, birthday, Christmas, Easter and any other day but you are feeling low or happy. In fact, these chocolate cakes are so good that you can probably send it to your near and dear ones. Some of these cakes include Chocolate truffle, chocolate chips loaf, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate doughnut cake, Hershey’s chocolate cake, chocolate lava cake, Choco mint cake etc. so without further delay let’s look at them. 

1) Chocolate truffle cake 

Who doesn’t love to eat chocolates? Chocolate truffle cake? It is one of a kind and actually has three to four layers of cake and it is made with extreme dark sweetened chocolates. So the base of the cake remains similar to that of a normal chocolate cake however we use milk over here instead of coffee or plain water. But the major taste is brought out by the dark chocolate that can be sweetened using condensed milk or sugar. Chocolate truffle cake is suitable for a birthday but if you are a terrible Baker I’d rather say to order a Birthday Cake Online. Chocolate truffle cake is very easily available.

2) Chocolate chips Loaf 

Chocolate chips cake has been popular ever since the late Victorian Era. This chocolate chip cake is basically a chocolate bread which has chocolate chips on top of it. In fact, you can also make it in the form of a mug cake. Now it is possible that you can make three types of Chocolate chips cake, white chocolate, dark chocolate and vanilla cake. These are most commonly eaten flavors but in any other cake, you put Choco chips it will be called the same. In fact, you can make a birthday bouquet out of different types of Choco chip mini cakes attached along with flowers. 

3) Chocolate Fudge Cake 

When I say chocolate fudge cake immediately my mouth is filled with water. Chocolate cake is the simplest form of cake and basically. The secret is in the fudge icing that makes it hell lot of delicious. The most amazing thing about chocolate fudge cake is that it is chewy. And after the icing made up of chocolate chips with cream or dark chocolate with cream. It is not whipped just melted together and left for about 1 hour to set by then it thickens and gives us the real first chocolate flavor that we are looking for. You can send it to your best friend’s house with birthday flowers. 

3) Chocolate Donut Cake 

We all love eating doughnuts in whatever shapes, sizes, colors they might come and especially we love to eat them because of their sweetness and they just leave us satisfied for a longer time. Chocolate doughnut cake is simply a chocolate cake baked in the form of a doughnut and then different kinds of icings and decorations like sprinkles shredded chocolate Melted dark chocolate, chocolate frosting can be added on top of it. You can decorate your house with happy birthday flower delivery in Pune and even make mini doughnut cakes to surprise your kids or even yourself. 

4) Hershey’s Chocolate Cake 

We all love eating Hershey’s chocolates almost all the time and we know that she said the best quality cocoa powder and at very reasonable prices. After Nestlé’s milk powder, it’s Hershey’s cocoa that we loved drinking during the winter season. So Hershey’s chocolate cake would be a sheer delight for all of us. Another thing that is added in this cake is that usually icing is applied on cakes but for a change you can fill a large pot with chocolate and bathe the two pieces of cake in it. This will make your cake utterly delicious. 

5) Chocolate Lava Cake 

Let us just say that when we visit dominos if there is anything that we want for desert there is amazing and superbly delicious chocolate lava cake. It is very simple to make a chocolate lava cake at home. There are two types of lava cakes, one in which you add chocolate chunks and so when you cut it after baking the lava falls. Another way of making lava cake is to cut the cake in between and fill it with melted chocolate and do the icing all over, so when the cake is cut the lava will fall. This will be a superb idea to decorate the cake and send it to your loved ones along with Valentine’s Day roses

6) Chocolate Mint Cake 

At some point of time, we have eaten Choco chips ice cream and loved it. Now it is time to make a chocolate mint cake. Basically the cake remains same chocolate cake but it’s the icing that we use of two kinds one that is buttercream with peppermint extract and green color and then melts dark chocolate with butter to prepare a ganache and pour it over the iced cake once the buttercream and ganache both cool down. Ideally, you can also add Chocolate chips in between the cake or in between the two icings. You can make mini cakes to decorate a Valentine’s Day bouquet. 

7) Triple Chocolate Cake 

We all love eating chocolates almost all the time. But the whole experience of eating chocolate becomes worthwhile when you are given three flavors of this cake in one. Triple chocolate cake has one layer of cake and two layers of frosting that is sweetened dark chocolate and white chocolate and the cake is made from dark cocoa powder. These types of cakes are amazing to give someone on their birthday along with some fresh flowers.