You Should Never Order Fried Rice At A Chinese Restaurant. Here’s Why

Eating Chinese dishes is a hot favourite among foodies. There’s no denying that most Chinese restaurants have delicious spicy dishes. Fried rice is a popular Chinese recipe that many love for its distinct taste and mouthwatering flavours. 

What is Fried Rice?

As the name suggests, Fried Rice is a dish that is prepared by frying white rice. Various spices and sauces are added to it along with veggies, eggs and chicken pieces to make it filling and even tastier. You can find a few classic rice dishes in a Chinese restaurant, such as veg fried rice, chicken fried rice, schezwan fried rice, egg fried rice and prawn fried rice. 

These are the most commonly found fried rice dishes. Each of these varieties has a unique taste and flavour that will undoubtedly make you crave more. 

But the question remains- are these fried rice recipes healthy?

In a short answer- NO!

Let’s get into detail in this matter.

Why Is Fried Rice An Unhealthy Dish?

According to WebMD, fried rice is mainly prepared using white or refined rice. Since refined rice does not have much fibre left, it is considered unhealthy. Fried rice is also filled with different spicy sauces and condiments to make the taste enhanced and flavourful. But these spices are not healthy options. Finally, the oil that is used to make fried rice is too much for your health’s good. Although fried rice contains a lot of vegetables, you cannot consider it healthy. Most of the Chinese food joints will fry the vegetables in oil that takes away the nutritional benefits.

In short, fried rice is a spicy and oily food that can add tons of sodium, unhealthy fats and bad calories to your body. Even fattier meat can add an extra amount of oil to the fried rice. Some versions of fried rice use deep-fried chicken pieces, which means you are eating more oil.

Most of us order this particular Chinese dish for its filling nature and when you are in a rush. But you should understand that it is not a healthy choice to make. No matter how delicious it looks and how tempted you get, try to avoid eating fried rice in a Chinese restaurant.

Calorie Count

Fried rice gives mostly bad calories from refined rice, spices and oil. So you can imagine a bowl that offers something around 200 to 300 calories depending on the type of recipe. This calorie count can be higher if your restaurant plans to add more than a sufficient amount of oil and spices. You can check the calorie count if you prepare fried rice at home, but not in a Chinese cuisine restaurant. 

How To Make Your Fried Rice Healthy?

  • Use healthy oil while making fried rice. Some of the best oils for cooking are avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and peanut oil.
  • Use a small number of spices for flavour, and do not use additional food colours. Skip any extra condiments for reasoning like MSG.
  • Replace white rice with unpolished brown rice with a good amount of fibre and make your dish more balanced and nutritional.
  • Avoid using deep-fried meat pieces. Just pan-fry the meat and toss them. 
  • Use fresh vegetables in your fried rice and fry them. You can use half-boiled veggies to add to your fried rice. This will cut your oil consumption, making healthy fried rice. 
  • Add controlled amounts of eggs and meats to cut your extra protein intake.
  • Try to cook fried rice at home. That way, you can adjust the spices and oil level and make something even tastier with your own experiment.

Bottom Line:

Once in a while, enjoying a bowl of fried rice is not a crime at all. Just make sure you eat it from a healthy food joint or restaurant that offers low side and low oil food options. 

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