You should do these 8 things if you are visiting Qatar

All the most exciting things in Qatar, in fact, are collected in its capital – historical sights and cultural monuments, shopping and entertainment complexes, beaches and clubs. And, of course, SUV millionaires – their density in Doha is the highest in the world.

I have prepared for you a kind of beginner’s guide – Qatar’s main attractions with photos, names, and descriptions. Also, TOP-8 things that must be done in this luxurious Islamic country to gain impressions understand its essence and stay. By the way, there are only 20% of Qatari citizens in Doha; the remaining 80% came to work.

Visit the local Souq Waqif market.

Souk Waqif will immerse you in Islamic traditions; you can get acquainted with traditional cuisine, stock up on spices, sweets, souvenirs, chat with locals and look at the architecture of the country that was Qatar before an oil mine was found on its territory.

Several art galleries can also be visited there—the most authentic and most incredible place to start exploring Doha.

Visit the falconry bazaar (near Souq Waqif)

Part of Qatari identity is falconry, not skyscrapers and limousines, as we think. Owning a falcon has always been a status symbol for a true Arab. When Qatar was just a vast desert, its inhabitants, Bedouins, trained falcons to hunt for prey.

Today, not only the Qatari authorities but also UNESCO is making many efforts to preserve this tradition. At the falcon bazaar, you will admire falcons, take some incredible photos, and if you are lucky, you will witness the monthly auction, where you will see all the possibilities of these fantastic birds.

Walk in the Pearl Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is an artificially created island that has become the epitome of luxury. Yachts, villas, fabulous boutiques – everything about what the real life of a sheikh is. It also has its own promenade la Croisette, along which there is a vast number of cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste and budget.

Go on a sand dune adventure.

Ride a camel and go on a desert safari – a classic Arab adventure essential in Doha. You have two paths: take a calm road route and admire the sandy mountains, or take an extreme journey along a fast, bumpy road.

If done correctly, swim in the clear waters of Khor al-Udaid – Qatar’s inland sea – and see an unspeakably beautiful sunset over Doha. Or dawn.

Spend the day visiting the Museum of Islamic Art

The entrance to the museum is free. This is Qatar’s principal historical and cultural value, where objects of Islamic art for 1400 years have been collected. You will be amazed by both the museum building itself and the surrounding area.

You will see how elaborately patterned the carpets are, Damascus palaces’ remains, porcelain from Central Asia and Turkish war booty was woven a thousand years ago. The museum is located on an excellent observation deck, which offers a stunning panorama of the city.

Walk along the Corniche in the evening.

Head there right after the museum. First, it is near. Secondly, take a rest and enjoy the Persian Gulf’s beautiful views, take incredible photos, have dinner, relax, and just take a breath to understand what a great beauty is around.

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Visit Al Zubara Fort

It is located an hour’s drive from Doha and is an iconic building in Qatar. The fort is perfectly preserved and is one of the best examples of 18th-19th century settlements in the regions. In the past, it was considered an important diving and pearl trading centre and was a thriving trading city, and today it has become a museum.

Gaze at vintage cars at the Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

The museum was born out of the passion for art and antiquities of the influential businessman, Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani. It is divided into four parts: coins and currency, vehicles, Qatari heritage, and Islamic art.

You will see artefacts from the Jurassic period to modern history. The coolest part is the Sheikh’s collection of over 600 cars in perfect working order. You can look at it forever.

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