Here’s How You Must Apologize After a Fight With Your Partner

We all have fights and clashes in our relationships. Every relation is incomplete without a tiff here and an argument there. Sadly, we all know how it feels after a major fight with our partners when we want to talk but cannot. This kills us, right? At times, even when we know it’s our mistake, apologizing just becomes difficult and awkward. From planning little surprises to going for online flowers delivery in mumbai, there are many ways in which you can say sorry to him/her and make things better.

It is very natural to argue and fight with your partner but the important part is how soon and how well you admit that you were wrong. To make your bonding stronger and healthier, you need to take this step. Here are some cool and insightful ideas that you can use for apologizing to your partner after a dispute:

  •   Digital Love

This is probably one of the easiest and cutest ways of saying sorry. Create a sweet wallpaper for your partner’s phone or laptop and wait for them to unlock their screen. You can use images of ‘I am sorry’, ‘Please forgive me’, etc. You can even just simply click your picture holding a placard that reads ‘I am sorry’. Do not forget to decorate the placard with adorable pictures of you both. Then, transfer it to their device and set it as their background screen. Don’t forget to keep a little bouquet of fresh flowers near the table to make things even more heartfelt. 


  •   Using Food

If you are good at cooking, put your skills to good use. You can prepare their favorite meal or can bake cakes with frosting that says ‘I am sorry’. This is surely going to melt your lover’s heart and they will forgive you instantly. If you are planning to cook a nice meal for them, you can add a little apology card or a note to their plate. To take things to the next level, turn off the lights, light up some scented candles and play a soothing romantic tune to get the true movie feels.

  • Flower Power

When it comes to flowers, nobody can say no. They are bound to make anyone and everyone smile. Just visit your local florist or buy a bouquet online to apologize in the classic romantic way. Slip in a note that reads how sorry you are and how important they are to you and then, just give it to them. You can even go down on your knee holding the bouquet and express your heartfelt apology. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can even send flowers to ludhiana them using the online flower delivery services. 

  •   Going on Record

If you want to go all dramatic and filmy, this idea is for you. Get in touch with your regional radio and ask your partner to tune into the channel while your apology goes live. If that is too tough for you, just play the record button of your phone and create an audio recording. Begin by a little apology message and go on to tell them how special they are to you and fights like these can never make you stop loving them. You can even add some cute apology tracks to play after your sorry message. End it with a romantic track- try putting in a song that is special to both of you and you’ve memories associated with it. 

If you want to take it up a notch, you can do it in the video version, instead of the audio. Just record yourself saying sorry and you can even add little clippings and pictures of the happy times you both have had together. Trust us, your partner would never see that coming and will accept your apology within minutes.

  •   Writing a Letter

Going all old school and vintage can be a great way of apologizing to your partner. Take out a paper and pen and sit down to write an apology letter. You can even compose a poem for them and add your composition within your letter. Make sure to place the paper somewhere which is always accessed by them. Keep an eye on them while they are reading it. The moment you see them smiling, come out, give a hug and tell them how sorry you are. To make things more awesome, go for a funny poem, not a serious one. It would make them laugh out loud and their anger will fade away in seconds.

  •   Inflated Apologies

For this, all you need are some pretty, heart-shaped balloons that read ‘I am sorry’. If you can’t find those, just buy the usual ones and use a marker to write your apology on them. Carry chocolates and flowers along with the balloons and knock their door. The moment they open the door, you should just go down on your knees, look at them with your puppy eyes and then say sorry. This will never fail in making your partner forgive you. To get more variety of flowers and chocolates, you can check out online services for chocolate and flower delivery in Bangalore, Kolkata, and the major cities of India.

Apologizing will not make you any less of a person but would do wonders for your relationship in the long run. Having said that, apologize only when you mean it. Hollow apologies and empty promises can be fatal for any relationship. You need to be careful. Never let any dispute ruin your treasured relationship. And if a sorry doesn’t work, give your partner some time and always be ready to sort things out and respect each other’s points of view. write for us Relationships are all about accepting the differences and loving each other irrespective of the flaws and imperfections.