You got a dog. How do you train it?

If you are reading this article, it means that you have or you are about to have a puppy that you will take care of. It is a very exciting and challenging moment. You will love your pet and at the same time you will mean the world for it, so we need to make sure that your new friend knows the rules and follows them to make your communication more pleasant and easy. The training consists of several parts, and in this article, we will guide you through them.


The first step that belongs to the basics is proper socialization since your pet’s early years. It is vital that the puppy learns how things work since its very childhood. Introducing this world to your dog is a tremendously responsible project that you need to contribute to on a daily basis. You can teach your dog through games and have fun with it. However, you need to learn more about positive and negative reinforcement and how to carry it out. 


Socialization includes communication and learning other people and animals. The puppy has to be friendly and happy knowing that this world is a safe place and that you are near. Once it grows up, you will be able to count on your dog, but as long as he or she is small, you need to watch out to prevent its phobias or fears and assure that the puppy knows it is loved and taken care of.


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From the other side, your pet has to understand that you are the boss and it has to learn how to obey. As per dog training Albuquerque experts, it may become a tricky part as having a cute little boy will most likely make you want to hug and play with it all the time, but you need to be careful and consistent with what kind of behavior approve of and what you don’t. If it bites your headphones you cannot go like “it’s not a big deal” as next time it will bite something that you won’t be so calm about. Animals do not understand complicated concepts like “value” or “meaning” of objects. In the dogs’ world there is a concept “your stuff”, “someone else’s stuff” and “allowed” or “not allowed”. You have to be equally upset if it touches different kinds of your belongings as the puppy needs to realize and remember that it is not acceptable to do it.


Moreover, if your dog is going to live in your house or apartment, it needs to learn to do its business outside. Please keep in mind though that sometimes puppies can urinate not because they are untrained or bad, but because of excitement and in unpredictable situations, just like little kids do. You need to know the difference and stay calm.


Next up is a leash training. Your puppy needs to learn how to walk on a leash, which is need for both places where it is not allowed for the dog to be without a leash, and for cases you are supposed to use a leash for the sake of its safety. This skill may include both walking when the dog is not pulling all the time, but rather comfortably walks nearby, but also it being able to run near you when you ride a bike.


To sum up, there are plenty of things that your dog needs to learn and discover. We sincerely hope that you will show your pup how beautiful this world can be when there are order, structure, and understanding of what is right and what is not. After all, knowing the rules means safety and peace of mind.