How You Can Multi Stream Your Live Sessions To Vimeo And Other Platforms?

Multistreaming is a way to reach your target audience more efficiently and conveniently. If you are a platform that wants to increase your audience then multistreaming is the key to successful branding and extensively reaching out to customers. There are multiple platforms that allow you to do multistreaming but here we are going to talk about platforms with free multistreaming. One of the most prominent platforms is Vimeo. The platform is known for its streaming services. Vimeo live streaming is the most commonly used service by many streamers and they have gravitated towards it. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about Vimeo live streaming and one of its alternatives LivePush which also has free multistreaming options.

What is Multistreaming

Simulcasting or multistreaming is the simultaneous broadcast of one video stream or content across multiple platforms. It aids in the optimization of network channels and simplifies live streaming across various social media sites.

Multistreaming contributes to the growing digital trend of video streaming on social platforms while also serving businesses in need of cost-effective Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

Multistreaming to social media sites

Brands that understand the value of reaching a large audience through social media are one step ahead of their competitors.  So, if you want to step up your game then start multiple Live streaming on social media platforms to increase viewership and customer base.1

Vimeo Live Streaming 

According to their website, “work moves in real-time; live streaming keeps you ahead.” This live streaming simulcast tool allows subscribers to stream on numerous social media platforms at the same time.

Vimeo’s website interface

They primarily deal with live streams on Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, and Twitch, allowing you to do so while using less bandwidth. The tool’s features are expensive given that it only assists organizations, but it does come with additional benefits.

Streamers have access to a suite of live streaming tools for your videos and events with Vimeo Premium and Enterprise. Vimeo Premium includes all of the video hosting and collaboration tools you need to support your entire workflow, in addition, to live streaming features.

LivePush Multi Streaming Platform

Using LivePush, you can multistream on all the major platforms. It is a multi-streaming web page that does nearly the entirety that will help you live line and attain out to a bigger variety of visitors on such a lot of platforms. It also gives you the opportunity to stream at 40 plus sites at a given time. Even it allows you to schedule your live streams. LivePush offers you a regular free plan to comfort your users with their site. They also have a paid plan at low prices. The most amazing part is that you can stream at your favorite multiple sites In phrases of navigation, you will arrive at your dashboard wherein you are brought about to feature channels as soon as you have efficiently gotten an account. From there, you may pick out your preferred systems and hook up with your account in only some clicks. When you have got all of your money owed, then you may be furnished with the choice to move and stay on your dashboard. And connecting all of your money owed to broadcast stay on your visitors simply takes some minutes.

How to Multistream

The equipment and platforms are certainly based on your requirements. But just to let you know all the possibilities, there are three options that you can choose from. 

  • Hardwares or a physical device, have their own computing power and do not require a computer, but a high internet upload speed is required to produce a quality stream. Apart from multistreaming, many devices lack additional features and are costly.
  • Software encoders are browser-based encoders that require a powerful computer as well as a fast internet upload speed. The more destinations you stream to, the more bandwidth you consume, lowering the quality of your livestreams.
  • Cloud-based platforms, unlike the other options, do not require any additional hardware or bandwidth. Cloud-based platforms use a network of servers to distribute your livestreams to the destinations you specify.

Benefits of Multi Streaming 

  • Streaming on specific web platforms may limit reach, whereas brands can overcome these drawbacks by live streaming on multiple channels. Furthermore, it unifies the media strategy and connects all platforms for easier access and use.
  • Multistreaming increases reach and assures that no potential market is overlooked. Because the audiences on each of these platforms differ, streaming on multiple sites covers the entire market.
  • Multiple live streaming platforms on social media would require a single marketing strategy and positioning for all. This saves time, effort, and risk.
  • Most of the streaming tools, especially Livepush allow brands to save the live stream for a period of time or permanently. This feature allows brand audiences to watch the stream on-demand later.


When you stream through multiple social media platforms, it will help you analyze where your potential audience resides. All the analytic tools that streaming platforms provide help you to go through all the details that otherwise might miss out. Free multistreaming platforms have changed the perspective of how creators interact with their audience. It is more personal and provides you more benefits and brings traffic to your streams.