You Can Keep Your Home Safe with These Tips

Even small improvements in your home can reliably prevent you from falling victim to a break-in. This does not always require extensive changes to your home. It depends on which security aspects are close to your heart. Sometimes security doors can do the task for you. Other times, surveillance cameras can do it for you! Feel comfortable at home and go to bed with a good feeling. These six tips make it possible:

Safety tip 1 – Alarm systems

The most significant deterrent for a burglar is an alarm system – if it is still clearly visible, then you can be sure that the culprit is looking for an easily accessible property. If you opt for an alarm system, there is an outer skin and an interior monitoring.

The former describes the control of sensors on windows, doors and other glass surfaces. The interior is about monitoring there with motion detectors. A combination of the two options is, of course, absolutely recommended to prevent burglars.

Additional tip: if you don’t have an (intimidating) dog near your security doors, you can get an electronic watchdog. This barks authentically as soon as the built-in sensors detect movements.

Security tip 2 – Video surveillance

It is also useful to equip your premises with video surveillance. This method has recently become more popular – because it has its advantages. If you are broken into, the video material can help to identify and convict the culprits.

Safety tip 3 – Smart technology

When it comes to burglar protection, “smart technology” has been popular for some time now! With the installation of an app on your mobile phone, you have access to the immediate video material of your home around the clock. You no longer need to keep a dog at your security doors!

Particularly great: With this feature, you can also switch your lights on and off while on the move or vacation, so that unauthorized persons get the impression that someone is at home. Some of these installations even have settings ready to make it look like there are people in the room – impressive!

Safety tip 4: motion detector

Motion detectors are a simple but very effective method. As soon as a person approaches your home, automatic sensors respond that turn on the light. In this way, you are always in the picture about what is going on in your property. It is also essential to check whether your motion detectors are too slow or flickering – burglars can take advantage of this. Front door, terrace and balcony are typical areas where light makes sense.

As mentioned, timers are also a great way to avoid burglars!

Safety tip 5: Security doors

The same goes for doors, of course. Rely on high-quality doors and lock cylinders – make sure to check these when you move to a new apartment or replace them. Subsequent insertion is expensive but can save you your belongings.

Besides, you never know which people will still have access to a replacement key through the previous owner! Security doors will also provide your house with the necessary style that your home needs.

Safety tip 6: Deactivate the location function

Another tip for the absence from home: switch off the location function of your camera – photos placed online can lead directly to your location. This way, the nice Instagram update can become a real danger to your home while you are only on the go.


To sum it all up,

You can either choose to stay safe by installing the security doors or any other thing mentioned above, or you could rely on the security guard who mostly takes a nap at night. The choice is all yours!