Yoga Poses That Helps in Breathing Problems


Yoga asana combines physical postures and proper breathing practices that help your body maintain complete equilibrium. As per yoga, breath is also distinguished as prana, the driving force behind every energy that controls our life. Breathing correctly is essential in case of any yoga, when it is not done correctly, it might get stuck in the body channels and radiate extreme pain and body ache.

Recently the whole world battled with the deadly coronavirus infection, which is why it is important to strengthen the lungs more than before. Besides practicing social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene, it is also important to keep your lungs healthy to prevent infection. When there are excess amount of phlegm particles in your lungs and your respiratory tract, it can quickly become a breeding ground for various kinds of pathogens. 

Practicing yoga asana in any yoga school in Rishikesh not only assists in breaking down the mucous on the lungs but also helps in expelling it from your body. Yoga asanas mainly involve abdominal, clavicular and thoracic breathing, and they assist in gaining reasonable control of your breath, correct breathing habits and enhancing oxygen intake. All these asanas, whether standing, lying or sitting, not only helps strengthen your back, stomach muscles and thigh and enhance lung capacity and oxygenation. When practiced regularly, these asanas assist in refining your breathing by increasing the inhalation and the exhalation process, enhancing the leg muscles and assisting in treating several respiratory disorders such as sinus, asthma, cough and cold.

Here are a few yoga asanas that strengthen your lung health and help alleviate breathing problems:


At first, sit in a regular meditation pose. Hold on to your left wrist, keeping your right hand behind your back. Continue inhaling while pulling back your shoulders back and expanding your chest. While you bend forward, exhale and touch your right forehead to your right knee. Now inhale and then return to the start position. Repeat these steps and continue it on the other side by touching your left knee to your forehead.


Sukhasana is essential in case there are lung anomalies. It helps stimulate the flow of blood to the lungs and also helps in removing all harmful toxins from your lung muscles. This is an asana that enhances your focus and concentration and assists in treating respiratory disorders along with cough and cold symptoms. Practice it regularly to decrease stress and anxiety.

Bhujangasana or Cobra pose

Lie down flat on your stomach and keep your head on the ground. Now place both of your hands on either side of the shoulders, gradually put some pressure on your palms, and lift your body from the torso while you stretch the back and the belly muscles. Straighten arms and place the shoulder blades pressed against the back. Now fix your gaze at one point on the ceiling, hold on to this posture for about 15 – 30 seconds, and start exhaling as you return to the initial position.

Benefits: The Cobra pose not only helps in improving your mental calmness but also helps in strengthening your mind and assist in stretching out your lungs and chest. It also soothes sciatica, strengthens your spine and offers relief from asthmatic symptoms.

Matsya Asana or Fish pose

Lie down on your back and fold your arms under your body. Now lift your head and chest, breathe in and now rest the crown of your head on the ground while you arch your back. Now balance your entire body by making use of your elbows. Inhale and exhale deeply to open up your chest. Remain in this position till the time you are comfortable.


This pose destroys all diseases and promotes deep breathing by stretching and strengthening the lung muscles. It also supports the balance of your body and assists in better circulation and distribution of blood throughout the body.

Padma Sarvangasana or Lotus Shoulder Stand

Start this pose with a supported headstand. When you breathe out, keep your legs folded and cross them to bring your left ankle towards your right thigh and the right ankle towards your left. Give support to your back using your hands. Hold on to this position for some consecutive breaths or until you can hold on to the breath. Then unfold your legs and gradually lower your body.


This pose helps expand your chest and facilitates easy air passage into your lungs. By twisting the upper side of your body, it offers a massage to your internal organs, which in turn assist in proper expulsions of toxins from your body. It also enhances balance and strengthens your reproductive and nervous systems.

So, these are some of the best yoga asanas taught in 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh for your lungs that help alleviate breathing problems, and you can try this from the comfort of your home. The best is that these asanas are not very complex, making them easy to follow and practice. Regularly practicing these yoga poses improves your lung health. 

Stretch your way for a better mind and body.