Yoga For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious health condition, that affects a lot of people today. Today, life is a rat race, where you have to compete with others at every turn. Moreover, this creates a lot of stress and tension on the body and mind. Also called hypertension, it is known to be a killer. The disease is a silent killer, as it does not display any signs before striking one fatally. However, there are other ways to prevent it. You can join a Yoga School in Rishikesh and enjoy its myriad benefits. But before, proceeding with the cure, or prevention, you would definitely like to know more about what the disease is like. 

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure – What Is It?

So, basically blood pressure is the pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels, it flows through. The pressure also depends on the resistance of the blood vessels, and the performance rate of the heart. Most adults today, suffer from high blood pressure. However, most of them, do not know about it. It is the main risk factor in major cases that lead to stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. So, you need to manage the heart, rather than offering or looking for cure, once it sets in. 120/80 is the standard blood pressure limit, and anything above 140/90 is a sign of hypertension, and can cause heart attack. 

Apart from diet, stress, anxiety; alcohol abuse, and smoking are also responsible for hypertension. It is a lifestyle disease, to be exact. If you make certain lifestyle adjustments, it can act as the first line of defense. Read about the various ways, you can gain through proper care. 

  • Regular Physical Exercise – It is a must for people who are suffering from high blood pressure. If you are suffering from this lifestyle disease, it is mandatory for you to engage in some kind of physical activity, atleast four times a week. Moderate intensity aerobic exercise is great for your health condition. Strength training is also necessary. Some of the most suitable activities, that you can engage in, include walking, running, jogging, swimming, and cycling. 
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction – Now, we come to the part, which can be addressed easily, if you follow certain relaxation techniques. There are alternative healing therapies like yoga and meditation, which can give you relief. You can join a Yoga School in Rishikesh to learn some of the best yogic techniques and meditation, which is a part of it. 

How Can Yoga and Meditation Help You?

Yoga asanas involve certain breathing modalities, termed as pranayama, that lead to stress relief. Moreover, yoga practitioners are required to synchronize breathing with body movements. It leads to calmness and serenity. Yoga has the power to soothe the nerves and also slow down abnormal heart rate. Moreover, it has the power to increase immunity as well. There are some asanas in yoga, that help you to take rest, like Savasana. Once you start practicing yoga on a daily basis, your sleep patterns also improve. This also contributes to relaxation. 

You can also loose weight through yoga, so that is another way you can help yourself. Additionally, the body generates a lot of positive energy, when you practice yoga. 

Yoga For Relief From Hypertension 

  • Shishu Asana or Child Pose – It is one of the postures, that can alleviate hypertension. You have to sit on your heels in this asana. Bend forward and try to bring the forehead in contact with the floor. You can keep the arms by your side, with the palms facing upwards. Press your chest on the thighs. Hold the position for sometime and go back to your original form. This asana provides a lot of relaxation to the back. Moreover, it also relieves constipation. You will also be able to calm your nervous system. It also normalizes blood flow and the heart gets a rich supply of blood. 
  • Vajra Asana – It is another pose, that can benefit your nervous system, and blood circulation. It also means ‘thunderbolt’ position. In this asana, you have to sit, first with both your legs stretched forward. Then, slowly you have to fold your legs at the knees, and tuck your heels beneath your buttocks. Your buttocks should be resting on the heels. The toe should point outwards. You have to keep your spine and head straight, and you can place your arms on the thighs. Beginners can start practicing by holding the posture for 30 seconds. When it is time to go back to your original position, you can exhale and then relax. Straighten your legs and feel comfortable. It also improves digestion, apart from improving blood flow. You can also use it as a foundational posture for pranayama. 
  • Janu-Shira Asana – It is also quite famous as the one-legged forward bend posture, which any body can do. It works on your abdominal fat as well. Thus, you can get rid of excess weight from the mid-section, which can also be a reason for high blood pressure.  You have to sit, with your legs stretched before you. The spine should be erect, while you do this. At first, you need to fold one leg and keep the foot pressed against the thigh of the other leg. Raise your hands while inhaling, and then exhale slowly and fold your body towards the stretched leg, and try to touch the toes with the hands. Hold the posture, while continuing to breathe. Come up and then relax. You can also repeat this with the other leg. Get relief from stomach fat, and digestion problems. Once your digestion is rectified, you can metabolize food faster. And, all the junk that you ingested gets digested properly. 

So, these are a few yoga asanas that can decrease your blood pressure. Apart from the physical postures, you can also try a few breathing techniques. They include Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapal Bhati, and Nadi Shodhana. You can also start meditating with mantras, and yoga combined together. Once you start such practices, you will start counting the benefits. Join a Yoga School in Rishikesh to learn about these in detail.