Yoga Escapes by Jeanne

In the last few years, there has been an increasing interest within the yoga community in the concept of yoga vacations and retreats. Yoga Escapes is an excellent resource book with which to make informed decisions about the many types of escapes available.

The book is divided into four major divisions to assist the reader in deciding between Ashrams, Resorts and Spas, Yoga Inns and B and B’s, and Healing Resorts. The destinations covered range the entire world, and there is an index included that can help you quickly find a resort at the desired location. In addition to this index, there is a glossary to define the types of treatments and programs that are listed in the book.

Each entry has a description of the property, the types of yoga classes offered, other amenities such as massage and treatments, dining information, costs, and contact information. Each entry is very thorough in the information included although one fault with this book is that there are no photographs. The best way to view the destinations in the book and find the most current information is to visit the websites that are included with most of the entries. The book begins with a short chapter on how to choose the right style of yoga vacation based on the reader’s preferences read more. It looks at the differences between the many styles of resorts and how personal preferences can be addressed to provide the most enjoyable experience possible.

Another nice touch is that many of the entries are accompanied by a short personal review written by people who have actually been to the destination. These give insight into what a guest experience may be like and offer advice as to how they make the most of the vacation experience.

$19.95 Ten Speed Press

1 Am & Pm Yoga workouts for seniors

Like greeting an old friend who has returned with a renewed energy, the release of Lilias Yoga, Workout for Seniors on DVD brings back one of the pioneers of the Yoga world in a fresh new format. Lilias began developing her video classes back in 1972 and the brilliance of her teaching and her commitment to making yoga accessible to people of all levels is still present. Her warm demeanor allows the viewer to feel as if they are doing yoga with a good friend who has their best interest at heart.

This DVD is committed to bringing Yoga to seniors but would also be of great use by viewers with physical limitations. Lilias presents a very gentle yet thorough workout with many variations to accommodate all body types.

The DVD is divided into two separate workouts AM and PM. The AM series is designed to wake up the body and warm up the spirit to start the day. The workout is primarily done while seated providing a full complement of yoga poses modified to make them attainable for most body types and ages. Lilias discusses proper body alignment and offers modifications for students of differing levels. Standing poses, a floor routine, and final relaxation round out this gentle yet thorough practice.

The PM workout is designed to release the stresses of the day and prepare the student for a restful sleep. Once again much of the workout is based around a chair and the in-depth instruction brings greater body/mind awareness. The final relaxation provides a deep and complete release and is a great way to end the day.