Yelp Cash Machine Review: ⚠️ Get Paid Dealing With Yelp Review!

Yelp Cash Machine Review
Get Paid Dealing With Yelp Review!

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Dear The Local Marketing Consultants,

Are you looking for a new income opportunity to be the first on your competition?

You’re in the right place! Today I will present a brand new product allowing you to offer a high-in-demand service which will make you huge paychecks from the local biz owners – Yelp Cash Machine.

We all know that Local Businesses live or die by their Yelp rating. A recent survey by BrightLocal showed that 87% of people read online reviews before visiting a local business and only 20% of them will deal with a business with 3 stars on Yelp or less, which has resulted in a desperate need for the solution to improve this low rating.

Yelp Cash Machine is the latest guide from Luther Landro to allow some regular folks to 7-8 deals from home per day offering this solution over email.

If you want to be the same filling your inbox with business owners who are happy and eager to pay $1000 to save them for Yelp rating, keep reading this review to find out how Yelp Cash Machine can be a game changer!


Yelp Cash Machine is a home business coaching program that provides everything you need to earn $1000 dollar paychecks helping businesses unlock their filtered Yelp reviews.

Being the first to offer a new service in this little known market means you have less competitors to share your profits and prove your value as a real-deal expert!


Once checking out, you will get the immediate access to some Checklists which cut out the fluff and break everything down into step-by-step instructions

Never again will you go through a product and wonder where to start and you will never be left wondering what’s the next step.

From day one to your first paycheck, all the way to your first million, every step is accounted for.

♦ Checklist #1: The Client Generation And Upsell Formula

Follow this checklist and you will land your first paying clients in a week and upselling them into becoming a monthly client for life.

Here’s what you will discover with this checklist:

[+] The simple search formula to find businesses with multiple filtered reviews

[+] Full cold email schedule to close 1 in 5 of these businesses becoming clients, including follow-up and rebuttal emails

[+] Full upsell email schedule to turn $1000 clients into $2000/month clients

[+] The simple pricing model for all services, including newsletter, SMS marketing, Yelp marketing and more。 Never again wonder what you should charge a client, just follow this pricing formula to

[+] Come up with a price that is fair for the client, covers the cost of outsourcing and pays you a handsome profit

♦ Checklist #2: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking Filtered Yelp Reviews

Use this checklist every time a client pays you to confidently unlock their filtered reviews and skyrocket their Yelp rating overnight.

Having this checklist is like having a superpower. Business owners will flock to you for help, cash in hand, once word gets out that you can provide this service

♦ Bonus Checklist #1: The Yelp Profile And SEO Audit

You can charge clients thousands of dollars to help them with their Yelp SEO by following this checklist

Millions of people use yelp every day to find mechanics, restaurants or any local business in their area. So, Yelp is quickly becoming one of the biggest search engines for local businesses. Being at the top of these results means more customers for your clients

This checklist will show you how to boost your clients to the top of Yelp’s search results, sending them a massive influx of new customers

Inside you’ll learn:

[+] How to claim unclaimed profiles the right way, giving them an immediate boost in search results

[+] Why 27% of businesses are missing a crucial part of their profile and how adding it will immediately boost their rank

[+] Keyword selection that captures the highest value customers for each client

[+] The surprising profile trick that instantly boosts profile views by 40%

[+] How to get their Yelp listing to appear at the top of Google search, attracting even more customers

♦ Bonus Checklist #2: The Yelp Review Management Checklist

This bonus checklist walks you through the entire process of managing Yelp reviews for local businesses. This is an in-demand service for which you can charge $1000/month or more.

Inside you’ll learn:

[+] How to use a simple “pre-qualify” form to increase good reviews and stop bad reviews from being added to yelp

[+] Full copy/paste responses to both good and bad reviews to help boost your client’s profile

[+] The simple 4-step process for dealing with negative reviews even getting them removed

♦ Platinum Support

These 4 checklists are everything you need to run your own million-dollar Yelp consulting business.

When you invest in yelp cash machine, you are also getting access to the platinum support. If you ever run into any issues when working with clients, send Luther a ticket to his support desk and you’ll get help and answers from him directly

♦ The Consulting Master Class

This is the last system you will ever need to reach your personal income goals and so along with these checklists, Luther has put together a master class on running a yelp consulting agency that everything he has learned in his over 10 years working as a local consultant and compiles it into a personal coaching program.


Inside the master class, you will discover:

[+] A full walk-through on his results-in-advance email sales approach as well as his casual conversation sales script

[+] Turn cold contacts into paying clients with proven, rejection-proof sales scripts that work over email just as well as they do in person.

[+] Every response and rebuttal is included so you can earn your first check in only 48 hours from right now

[+] Step by step instructions on unlocking filtered yelp reviews.

This guide includes all the little details about yelps filtering system, including how to spot the reviews that are easiest to unlock; little tricks that will help you unlock the harder-to-fix reviews as well as how to preview reviews from getting filtered in the first place

♦ The Extra Services You Can Earn From

You’ll learn how to manage the following extra services and how much to charge clients to boost their visibility:

[+] You’ll learn which negative reviews can be removed from a client’s profile and how to get them deleted fast.

Fact: not all the Yelp negative reviews are permanent

Luther has also dedicated an entire section on helping clients deal with negative reviews to minimize their impact and even help sell new customers who read them.

[+] How to remove competitor ads from your client’s Yelp page. Biz owners hate to see their competitor advertising on their profile stealing away customers. This little trick will allow you to remove all ads from your client’s page, a service no business owner will turn down

[+] How to add covid services and alerts to a client’s profile giving them a boost in Yelp search

[+] The ones that do, posting services like curbside pick-up, no contact deliver and virtual classes have seen a massive boost in free promotions from Yelp

♦ The Outsourcer Contacts

You will also get full access and training on the white label system Luther uses to service long term clients.

This agency handles all the work servicing your clients and provides them with an online dashboard branded with your information so the client never knows you are outsourcing the work.

You can charge clients $2000 a month or more for access costing less than half to get them signed up leaving you with a healthy profit for making the connection.

They have brilliant strategies to increase positive reviews & stop negative reviews in their tracks using a “pre-screening” system.

If the customer had a good experience, they are sent to Yelp to leave a positive review.

If they get bad experience, it sends them to a form where they can vent their frustrations and provide feedback to the business in private.

This maximizes a client’s good reviews while keeping all bad feedback private and in-check

The company also offers Yelp SEO, a super-hot in-demand service that ranks your clients higher in Yelp’s search results

As well as help managing Yelp’s coupon and promotion system to help your clients generate more leads and customers



The 1st reason:
You will be short-cutting your learning curves by years jumping into a proven business model that earns money while you learn. Let’s see what action takers talk about Luther’s checklists:


And unlike other income opportunities, this simple home business strategy requires no Amazon stores, inventory or buying from China; no traffic buying or SEO, no expensive software; no sales presentations, meetings or even phone calls since everything is done over email

All you need is a free Yelp account and an email to run this business & contact your clients from home. Getting paid $1000 for a service that only takes about 2 hours to provide, so it’s literally the passive income you have been looking for!

The 2rd reason:
Unlocking Yelp filtered review is the ideal “gateway service”.

You know, businesses need more help generating more reviews, responding to bad reviews, setting up promotions, and so much more on their Yelp account and are willing to pay top dollar to anyone that can reliably provide that help often as much as $2000 a month.

The best part is you don’t have to do any of the work implementing these services yourself. Since you now have the ultimate white label company do the work for a fraction of the fees you collect!

Last but not the least, you can avoid 2 mistakes when you start trying to land consulting clients online:

With Yelp Cash Machine, you have nothing to with spamming. Never worry about the risk of having your email blacklisted .

The other is to avoid selling businesses in the first email. Business owners get sales pitches every day, and if it smells like a sales pitch, your email is getting deleted. That’s why Luther’s cold emails are designed to educate prospects about Yelp and offer value at no cost upfront. Using these emails and you will see high responses with no rejection or complaints.

You can take a look at the following sample to see how Luther closes $1000 deal easily with a simple email:




I guess you have already seen the enormous opportunity in helping small local businesses unlock their filtered 5-star reviews to boost their yelp rating by following simple checklists, so, is Yelp Cash Machine expensive?

Normally, it is! But today you’re getting a surprising good offer!

You won’t be paying Luther consulting fee of $2500, nor will you be paying the retail price of $297 through webinar. Heck you’re not even going to pay $197 for this proven formula.

You are getting access to everything: the consulting master class, all the checklist, the outsourcer contacts, the software to make this work, the client tracking spreadsheet and access to Luther’s “client day care” agency. All for the small investment of only $27.

Moreover, this offer comes with the unconditional “first client in 60 days” guarantee. If you don’t fill your inbox with at least 5 businesses looking to hire you immediately, if you don’t earn the money you need in the next 60 days, for any reason at all, just send a support ticket with the word “refund” and get all your money back.

As you can see, everything is covered and done-for-you, even your investment is also guaranteed to be safe, so, there’s nothing at all to hesitate to buy.

The only thing to consider right now is that whether you are the type of person who does take action or not. If you are not willing to follow the checklists, then this system will not work for you!



Besides, you can consider some special programs in case you need advanced training:

  • Yelp Cash Machine: Sales Funnel Package ($197)
  • Yelp Cash Machine: Sales Funnel Package Promo ($97)
  • Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership – $27 Trial

Conclusion & My Extra Bonuses For You

Hopefully this Yelp Cash Machine review already helps you find a good income opportunity to start during this pandemic. In the end, I just want to emphasize that this system is proven to work, tried & tested to bring real cash to folks. Don’t miss this good deal or regret when you have to buy it at a more expensive price later.

See you in another article of digital product!

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